Zatanna will have her solo film

Zatanna tendrá su película en solitario

Warner Bros. is developing a movie for DC Comics superhero Zatanna, a member of the Dark Justice League. Good news for fans of DC Comics, so that in Warner Bros. are planning to bring the big screen to Zatanna. It has long been rumored that he will make a film of the Dark Justice League and it seems that they will start with the powerful magician. So in a few days we have had exciting news with the DC Comics Universe. For starters, the movie The Flash will break the…

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Justice League: Gal Gadot also had trouble with Joss Whedon

Liga de la Justicia: Gal Gadot también tuvo problemas con Joss Whedon

After Ray Fisher's statements against Joss Whedon, information came to light that claims that Gal Gadot also had a bad relationship with the director of the Justice League. From one moment to another, Ray Fisher showed on social networks his contempt for Joss Whedon. The actor who played Cyborg shared a video from a few years ago where he supported the director of League of Justice and only had charming words towards him. But this time around, the actor noted that the director's attitude on set was "gross and unprofessional."…

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Henry Cavill denied having signed a new contract to be Superman

Henry Cavill negó haber firmado un nuevo contrato para ser Superman

Rumors have long been going around that Henry Cavill signed a new contract to reprise Superman. But, apparently, the actor completely denied this situation. Although fans want Henry Cavill continue as Superman, It seems that the situation is not as easy as it seems. With the confirmation of Snyder Cut in HBO Max, rumors regarding the actor and character began to emerge on social networks. But despite the fact that the circumstances could not be more ideal, the actor stated for Variety that so far he has not signed any…

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Warren 3 file could delay release for up to a year

Expediente Warren 3 podría retrasar su estreno hasta un año

File Warren 3, the next franchise movie started by James Wan, could be delayed much longer than expected because of the coronavirus. Due to the pandemic that we are going through, there are many films that were forced to change their release dates and also to pause their filming. Within this list enter Warren 3 file, the third tape of the famous horror franchise that I had already planned to start working on the story. According to new information, the film will have to delay its release and could be…

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Trapped in Time (1993) will have a television series

Atrapado en el tiempo (1993) tendrá una serie de televisión

The movie Trapped in Time, also known as ‘Groundhog Day’ will not have a sequel or remake but it will have a television series. In 1993 it was released Caught in time, starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott and Stephen Tobolowsky. The story is about a journalist who covers the news about a groundhog announcing the arrival of spring. Depending on what the animal does, it will be a good year or not. He did not like this report, but still traveled to Punxsutawney (Pennsylvania) to do it. However,…

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James Gunn confirms adorable Baby Groot theory

James Gunn confirma una adorable teoría sobre Baby Groot

Baby Groot is one of the most endearing characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole and it's all thanks to James Gunn. Director James Gunn He is a great admirer of references and hiding little secrets in Guardians of the Galaxy movies. In fact, there is still one in the first installment that no one has discovered. Now you have confirmed another theory that is related to Baby groot and it's pretty adorable. James Gunn is famous for answering fans on social networks.…

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The end that deserves The girls of the cable with a second erroneous and unreal part

After a frenzied and unreal first part, The Cable Girls comes to an end with a touching closure. On February 14, 2020, the platform premiered 5 chapters that left them wanting more and that we can finally meet. These episodes promise to close all the plots that have been with us since 2017 when the successful phone company opened. The first Spanish series of Netflix says goodbye with the premiere of its last season marking a milestone in the fiction of our country. The story is resumed seven months later…

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Michael Bay has serious problems with his new movie

Michael Bay tiene problemas graves con su nueva película

Songbird is the new Michael Bay movie and they have had to stop filming due to a lack of transparency about security protocols. The thriller Songbird, produced by Michael Bay, you have run into an obstacle. SAG-AFTRA (The Film Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists) went into production with an order from "Do not work", citing non-compliance with mandatory security practices. "The producer of the Songbird film has been unable to complete the signing process and therefore has not signed any applicable SAG-AFTRA agreements." It…

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4 best spy movies of all time

El puente de los espías

Do you want to become an international spy agent? Or do you intend to work for a private investigation agency? So there are some things you should learn. You can start by learning new foreign languages, working on your interpersonal skills, gaining knowledge of international affairs, strengthening networking skills, and establishing creative-minded skills. It is highly recommended that you watch the best spy movies for some encouragement and motivation. Practice new things every day; for example, use espiarwapp to access someone else's WhatsApp conversations. In this way, you can polish…

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Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) launches her own YouTube channel

Brie Larson (Capitana Marvel) lanza su propio canal de Youtube

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is the new Hollywood celebrity who has created a YouTube channel in an effort to stay in touch. "So I made a decision …" is what the first video from Brie Larson where he explains his initiative to join the platform. In the 21-minute clip, he stated that he had learned a lot through YouTube: “Either by how to use my printer or by seeing how to be a considerate activist. This is the place to talk about things that are important. " So the…

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