Batman: The best phrases of the Dark Knight trilogy

We collect the best phrases of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, in this tribute to Batman. It's been ten years since Christopher Nolan (‘Interstellar’) darkened the world with the beginning of his particular Dark Knight trilogy. ‘Batman Begins’ (2005) was a true cinematographic miracle, even more so after Joel Schumacher's disastrous journey at the helm of ‘Batman Forever’ (1995) and ‘Batman & Robin’ (1997). What looked like a brilliant character in the comics wasn't so on the big screen, and when most fans thought they would never see a Batman…

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Ray Fisher suggested that Warner used Ben Affleck as a publicity stunt

Ray Fisher sugirió que Warner utilizó a Ben Affleck como truco publicitario

Ray Fisher took the Joss Whedon and Justice League investigation seriously, but apparently Warner Bros. might be trying to distract from Ben Affleck. The Ray Fisher scandal against Joss Whedon does not end. After having revealed the bad treatment and discrimination he received from the director, the actor also wanted to demonstrate the plays that Warner Bros is making so that the subject does not air. For this reason, Fisher declared on his twitter that the return of Ben Affleck as Batman is a publicity stunt. In this fight against…

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Florence Pugh suggests Black Widow 2 could exist

Florence Pugh sugiere que podría existir Viuda Negra 2

Black Widow has yet to premiere, but fans are already craving a second part. And according to Florence Pugh, there could be that possibility. Florence Pugh is about to make her big debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Widow. The actress will play Yelena Belova, a deadly Black Widow never before seen in the film franchise. For Total Film, the actress and Scarlett Johansson recently spoke about the arrival and settlement of the new character in the film, hinting that perhaps in the future Florence will return for Black…

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Matrix 4 is a "love story," according to Keanu Reeves

Matrix 4 es una "historia de amor", según Keanu Reeves

Matrix 4 is a movie that has fans very anxious and impatient. Not much is known about the film, but Keanu Reeves revealed some details. Some time ago, Keanu Reeves returned to filming Matrix 4 again, which had to be paused due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, the actor has not stopped giving details about the production and sharing his enthusiasm for this new film on the way. He already said that it is "a wonderful story" that has "left its mark" on him, but now he dared to…

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Mulan was a hit on Disney + and had a huge gross

Mulán fue un éxito en Disney+ y tuvo una gran recaudación

Although many wanted to see her in the movies, Mulan came to Disney + weeks ago. Thanks to its premiere, the company could have achieved one of the best collections. After Disney presented a report in which it revealed that its shares had skyrocketed after the announcement that Mulan, the live-action remake of the animated classic, would have an extra cost of almost US $ 30 on its streaming platform, it seems that the situation continues getting better. Apparently, the tape digested by Niki Caro gave the company very positive…

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In Love With Al: Four Romantic And Unusual Movie Stories

Romantic movies encompass one of moviegoers' favorite genres, many of them with unusual stories, impossible loves, happy endings, and one of the most popular, but not as new as it sounds: the mix of technology and science fiction with romance. . Why do filmmakers like to explore romantic relationships? If we stop to think about it, romantic stories are something that a lot of people can identify with, whether they are in love and in a harmonious relationship at the moment, or if their hearts have just been broken, it…

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Ronin alternate skin for Avengers: Endgame revealed

In the movie Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye's character becomes Ronin, a ruthless killer of criminals and his appearance could have been very different. The alternative Concept Art of Wesley burt shows what Ronin looked like in Avengers: Endgame. After Hawkeye's family disappeared with the snap of Thanos, viewers can briefly see it in Japan. While it is never explicitly mentioned in the movie, the comics show that Clint barton has adopted a new identity. For 5 years he dedicated himself to delivering justice in true Punisher style around the world. Wesley…

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Scarlett Johansson defends the tragic end of Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame

Scarlett Johansson defiende el trágico final de Viuda Negra en Vengadores: Endgame

The Avengers: Endgame movie was the farewell to some Marvel heroes like Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson. Attention SPOILERS. One of the most shocking moments of Avengers: Endgame it was the death of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), since the heroine was sacrificed so that Hawk Eye could live and get his family back when they had to claim the Soul Stone. Luckily they have decided to release a new movie by Black widow solo so we can say goodbye to the character as he deserves. In a recent interview,…

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Henry Cavill signs for 3 new movies as Superman

Henry Cavill firma para 3 nuevas películas como Superman

Superman is coming back in a big way, as Henry Cavill has struck a deal with Warner Bros. for multiple new movies. Since League of Justice (2017) was a box office flop in 2017, a lot has happened regarding the characters in DC Comics. For starters, they will repeat the movie and it will premiere in HBO Max. They will also restart Batman with Robert Pattinson, but they will still use the version of Ben affleck for the movie of The Flash and now it is reported that Henry cavill…

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Criticism of Pinocchio: the best version of the story

Pinocchio opens tomorrow on the Spanish billboard, directed by Matteo Garrone and starring Federico Ielapi and Roberto Benigni The story focuses on Pinocchio, a wooden doll with life that is created by Geppetto, this puppet represents all the negative in a little boy: lazy, disobedient, stubborn, spoiled and his most popular characteristic, a liar, with the fact that he the nose grows when he tells lies. It is an adaptation of the classic story of the wooden doll called Pinocchio, who wants to be a real flesh and blood child.…

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