16 Curiosities of YO, ROBOT

Such a day as today marks the 16th anniversary of the theatrical release of Yo, Robot, a science fiction movie starring the incombustible Will Smith

On July 16, 2004, I, Robot, a movie directed by Alex Proyas (The Raven) and starring Will Smith, was released in theaters. Movie that has been credited with the story to the Isaac Asimov Robot Series, which includes a compilation of tales of the same name, but is actually based on a script by Jeff Vintar, entitled Hardwired which is more like the book Caliban Isaac Asimov, written by Roger MacBride Allen.

Some of Asimov's ideas about robots, especially the most important and heavily underpinned by the film's plot, are the Three Laws of Robotics, which were added to Jeff Vintar's script after the studio acquired the rights to the title of the book. The film also bears some resemblance to a 1939 sci-fi tale of the same title by Eando Binder, which is about an "intelligent" humanoid robot, who is blamed for the death of its creator.

Some scenes in the movie also resemble one of Asimov's tales, "The Lost Robot," and its protagonist the NS-2 robot has a name similar to that in the movie, NS-5. Also the USR company (U. S. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc., Robots and Mechanical Men of the United States) is cited in Asimov novels and short stories.

With all these ingredients, Alex Proyas' film does not transport the city of Chicago in 2035, in which society lives in complete harmony with intelligent robots. They cook for us, they drive our planes, they take care of our children and we trust them fully because they are governed by the Three Laws of Robotics that protect us from harm. Unexpectedly, a robot is involved in the crime of a brilliant scientist and Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) is in charge of the investigation.

The film, which had a budget of $ 120 million, had a discreet reception with a collection of $ 353 million worldwide, and divided specialized critics with more negative than positive reviews, but it can still be said that the film It fulfills with note the mission of entertaining the viewer with large doses of action and special effects that have not aged anything bad today. That is why we think that the film deserves a heartfelt tribute by revealing some of the curiosities that you may not know about this classic of modern science fiction.

1. The project

The first script for Yo Robot appeared many years before the film's release under the title Hardwired. At the time, the story had classic black film overtones and was slated to be directed by Bryan Singer for Disney.

Ultimately the project passed into the hands of 20th Century Fox and Alex Proyas was hired as director and Jeff Vintar as screenwriter, asking him to tweak the plot to make it a major blockbuster. Hillary Seitz (Insominia) also participated in the writing of the script, but her ideas for the story were discarded, also resulting in such an unpleasant experience for the writer that today, she prefers to continue without talking about her. Finally, Akiva Goldsman entered the scene to adapt the script to the demands of Will Smith, changing the most cerebral aspects of the plot for scenes of vibrant action and in which he had to save the world.

2. Sonny's creation

Alan Tudyk actor who also played K-2SO in Rogue One, was in charge of giving life to the robot Sonny, for a role that actors such as Will Wheaton (The Bing Bang Theory) and Emilio Estevez opted for.

Tudyk's work did not go unnoticed by his colleagues Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan who in some interviews highlighted his work with the character of Sonny.

To get to the design of Sonny's Robot, more than 50 different designs were made. Those responsible for its development ended up finding the final form when considering that it brought together the three essential elements to define the character: transparency, symmetry and practically human aspect.

Concept art Yo Robot

The process used to animate Sonny is the same as that used with Thanos in Avengers: Engame. Several sensors were attached to the actor's body, and then he acts with them in all the scenes of the character. Later, a CGI animation is used that follows the movements recorded through the sensors.

To choreograph the movements of the robots (except Sonny's), the actor and dancer Paul Mercurio were counted on.

3. Will Smith nude removed from cut

In the original montage of I, Robot, the shower scene starring Will Smith featured a full length nude of the actor. Scene that in Smith's words, helped to show the viewer the vulnerability of his character, an opinion that, however, the study did not share his way of thinking, especially because they also did not want him to have the dreaded R rating and its possible consequences negatives at the box office. For this reason, underwear was added to the actor in a digital way, a modification that also represented the largest cost in CGI made for the film.

will smith nude in me robot


In the window of an old robot store, you can see AIBO, a robot that imitates a puppy, launched by Sony that had a great sales success.

5. Asimov's influence

In many of Asimov's stories, robots are great machines that bear no resemblance to humans. Only in the eighth story in his collection does he introduce us to the idea of ​​a human-shaped robot. In contrast, Sonny is amazingly human-like.

Bridget Moynahan I Robot

The central link between Asimov's collection of short stories and the film is Dr. Susan Calvin (). The short stories are made up of a series of interviews in which the doctor reviews her career upon retirement. Among them is the story of a robot that does not speak and that serves as a babysitter for a girl, a story in which Dr. Calvin is a spinster scientist who must correct the ability of a robot to read minds; and another in which you must establish whether the candidate for political office is a robot or a human being.

6. Alex Proyas' dream come true and his subsequent nightmare

Director Alex Proyas confessed that he had been dreaming of telling the story of Yo, Robot since he was ten years old. Apparently, the original work of Isaac Asimov on which the film was based marked him deeply during his childhood.

But despite having fulfilled his dream, the experience that the director had as soon as the filming began was far from what he would have wanted and it became hell thanks to Tom Rothman, the main person in charge of Fox, who did not leave of threatening the filmmaker with modifying the ending of the film and introducing more comic scenes until a few days before the premiere.

Such an unpleasant experience for Proyas that it even led him to think about writing a book to make it known to the public. However, his closest circle warned him that if he finally did, he would not be filming any major productions again, causing him to change his mind.

Alex Proyas I robot

7. Will Smith supported the movie's premiere in a big way

To prepare for the massive premiere of Yo, Robot, its protagonist, Will Smith, hired the services of Orange County Choppers, a company dedicated to the manufacture of motorcycles, for its professionals to build a movie-themed helicopter.

8. The haters

It is always known that any Hollywood production comes accompanied by a large number of haters, I robot possibly was lucky that Twitter did not come until two years later, however many admirers of the work of Isaac Asimov began to attack without mercy to the movie. His arguments were based almost exclusively on the film's lack of fidelity to the work on which it was allegedly based. However, more and more robotics specialists point to Alex Proyas' film as a direct influence in developing real advances in this professional field.

9. Denzel Whasington almost starred in the movie

Denzel Washington

No one can imagine Me, Robot without Will Smith, but before the star of Men In Black and Two Rebel Policemen signed on for the film, the studio had offered the role to Denzel Washington whose denial led to Smith's arrival. However, this signing was achieved after yielding to the demands of the actor.

10. The Will Smith Demand

"I have to save the world in all the movies I star in." That was the phrase with which Will Smith introduced himself at his first meeting for I, Robot. A statement that caused a revolution for all the writers involved in the project who were betting on greater complexity and psychological depth in the plot, surely the film would have won much more argumentatively speaking.

11. Recreating the Chicago of 2035

Many of the buildings shown in general shots of the city of Chicago were created by computer. The director also filled the streets of Chicago with people in all scenes in daylight to give the impression of overpopulation of large cities that are feared for in fifty years.

The director also added a robot walking for every five people that can be seen on the street, performing messenger tasks, garbage cans, walking dogs, carrying large loads or simply accompanying their masters, some may even be seen inside shops, buildings or windows .

12. The car of the future

The audi of the future

The Audi in the movie is a prototype for the next 30 years. Its features are: magnetic road grip, rubber spherical wheels, autopilot, roadside help voice, crash warning, collision or road escape.

13. A story of slavery

All the robots in the film do a job as a slave or hard work: waiter, garbage dump, demolition, pawn, cook ... Which reminds us a bit of the slaves of a couple of centuries ago who, like in the movie, try to escape of the laws and the oppression towards free will.

14. A retro detective

Detective Spooner's (Will Smith) house shows a large number of objects from the 90s to the past such as a fan, an alarm clock and his gasoline motorcycle.

15. Very expensive beers

In the movie, the Will Smith character pays over $ 40 for three beers.

16. Creating VIKI


VIKI, the main computer is a cube-shaped 3D hologram that in turn is made up of six faces of it which in turn is made up of minicaras of itself in different shades that make up the main face.

We hope you liked the article and if you remember any other curiosity that is not here, share it in the comments.

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