365 days is already the most controversial movie in Netflix history

It is clear that Netflix bet on the strategy of getting them to talk about its content, that is why he released the film of 365 days that they have put at the level of 50 shades of gray.

Although Netflix is a streaming platform that is generally quite opaque with the data of its contents, there are some formulas to know which movie is the most successful or which is generating the most controversy. For example, when they released Tyler Rake (Extraction) starring Chris Hemsworth It immediately became number one in all countries, therefore we already knew that its figures would be spectacular, something that was confirmed later. But when there is some movie like 365 days or Cuties Of which many articles are written and become trends in social networks, we know that they have generated a great controversy.

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Although the French film Cuties, about a girls who want to form a dance group is giving a lot to talk about, it is nothing compared to 365 days. That they already compare it with 50 shades of gray And it's even helping people get addicted to BDSM for beginners. We know that Netflix It has millions of subscribers around the world, therefore any movie that passes through its platform generates an inordinate expectation. But none have reached the levels of this.

What is the movie about?

365 days is a polish film directed by Barbara Białowąs and which is based on the novel by Blanka Lipińska. The story is starring Laura Biel interpreted by Anna Maria Sieklucka, an executive who becomes the obsession of a young mafia boss named Massimo Torricelli interpreted by Michele morrone. After suffering an attack, Massimo decides to kidnap Laura and tells her that she has 365 days to fall in love with him. She is not interested at first, but little by little she falls in love and ends up experiencing Stockholm syndrome. In between there are a lot of pretty explicit sex scenes. The film was released in theaters in Poland being a great success and then it went to the Netflix platform, becoming a phenomenon, although it was quite controversial.

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Being based on an erotic novel and as it contains high doses of sexual scenes, it has been compared to 50 shades of gray. In addition, it must be remembered that the novel is the first of a trilogy. So after the great success in Netflix, the possibility of the other two adapting is quite high.

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