5 key tools for freelance film editors

Being a freelance film editor or publisher is always a difficult job, but the digital space is opening doors and avenues of development that were not available a few years ago. The multiplicity of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO means that there are more commercial spaces from which you can promote your work or get a good job. To help you navigate the difficult world of independent film editing, we bring you some of the tools that will be most useful to you to develop and publicize your work.

1. Uniconverter

Uniconverter is one of the best video converters currently on the market. With the ability to convert between more than 1000 different audio and video formats, Uniconverter offers you performance up to 30 times faster than other video converters and also has a user interface that will be very easy to master in a few minutes . Uniconverter is the perfect converter so that you can adapt your videos to the formats you need at all times or so that you can compress them without losing any quality to send them over the internet or upload them to streaming platforms and make your work known.


2. WriterDuet

WriterDuet is a cloud solution that offers you a comfortable and pleasant space to write scripts wherever you are. Inspiration can appear at the least expected moment, and it is essential that you have a platform where you can access all your materials at any time, consult them, edit them, reorganize them or complete them with new lines of text that will become worth gold when they are part of your film or your independent production. WriterDuet is also very simple to use and extremely light, so that it will offer you great performance even if you access it from a smartphone or tablet.

3. Gorilla

Gorilla is software designed for budgeting that will be especially useful when you are working with a team of people and have to coordinate the entire production of your short, medium-length or film. It has a wide variety of options to distribute the probable costs of your film and a graphical interface that will allow you to visualize your potential cats with ease. Do you foresee more expenses in video editing and do you have an extra budget for the actors and actresses? You can make the adjustment with a couple of clicks or taps on the screen of your phone, and keep rolling!

4. Indiegogo

Kickstarter is an excellent crowdfunding platform, but the cultural profile that you probably need for your movie you really have on Indiegogo. With Indiegogo you will be able to challenge a number of people much more akin to cinema and obtain not only financial support to finance your project, but also support in terms of dissemination or contacts that allow you to make your way to the top of the cinematographic field. In addition to the field of crowdfunding, Indiegogo is increasingly considered as a community, and it is from that notion of community that, in addition to obtaining your funds, you can get your audience.

5. Sharegrid

Sharegrid is one of the best equipment rental platforms, if not the best. Organized according to the different geographical locations where you may need top-of-the-line cinematographic equipment, Sharegrid will allow you to rent cameras, microphones, lighting, cables, electrical installations and all kinds of material you may need to complete your project or to shoot it in its entirety. You can choose based on brands, characteristics or price, and if you compare with other platforms you will quickly realize that the variety that you will find in Sharegrid is very difficult to find elsewhere.

6. Backstage

Are you missing that essential actor or actress for the key role of your project? Backstage is one of the most extensive casting platforms available on the internet. Not only does it have a tremendously wide catalog of actors and actresses in all the geographical locations you can imagine, but it also has incredibly detailed classification systems so that it is easy for you to find that special person who will make your project come to charge for good. the magic you expected.

7. Trello

Is your team scattered around different places or, worse still, confined by COVID-19? Do not worry. With Trello you can organize your project tasks easily wherever you are, and you will keep your team cohesive despite the distance and difficult circumstances of the pandemic. Trello is the perfect cloud platform to organize and keep track of everything that needs to be done in any team project, and it is especially useful for film directors thanks to its flexibility and the simplicity of its interface.

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