‘Dragon Ball Super’: Synopsis of Chapter 123, ‘The Unforgivable Error of Gohan’

Episode 123

Vegeta puts up a great fight against Jiren, but he ends up being defeated. Therefore, it’s Goku’s turn to challenge Jiren. In this battle, Goku completely releases his power, becoming Super Saiyan Blue. The final matches of the Tournament of Power begin, and in these fights, the destiny of both universes will be decided.

Meanwhile, Android 17 uses all his power in order to paralyze Toppo and tells #Gohan to use his best attack to throw both Toppo and himself off the platform. However, Gohan hesitates in his attack and loses a great opportunity to eliminate Toppo from the tournament.

The worst mistake from Gohan

Unfortunately, Gohan, just like when he was younger and a pupil of Piccolo, will make a dire mistake in doubting a decisive attack. This scene directly correlates to the first battle that Gohan fought, in which he also had a great opportunity to defeat Nappa which he did not take advantage of. This time, the rival will be Toppo, and this error may cost him the support of Android 17, who will use all his power to stop the leader of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11.

On the other hand, the defeat of Vegeta in his battle with Jiren is reaffirmed.


Previously, it had been implied to us that Vegeta would not only fail in getting Ultra Instinct but would also be defeated. We expected that in another summary we would be given different information. However, it remains that Vegeta will again be humiliated and defeated by the main rival, Jiren of Universe 11.

Finally, nothing more is mentioned about the fight between Frieza and Dyspo in this summary. However, it is known that Gohan will help Frieza since he will have many problems with Dyspo of Universe 11. We believe that these problems lie in the incredible speed that Dyspo possesses, so Frieza will have trouble with fighting a warrior like Dyspo despite having a much greater level of power. After seeing this, Gohan will help him. Meanwhile, Toppo will release his maximum power which will surprise Universe 7.