A new Riddick movie gets underway

Vin Diesel will reprise his role as Riddick for a fourth time in the new sci-fi action film.

For a long time it has been reported that Vin Diesel I wanted to make the new movie of Riddick. In fact, in May, it seemed that a script was already completed, although it is likely that the general impact of the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) caused everything to come to a standstill. However, things may be looking up and they have already given the green light to the new installment.

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The film will reportedly be titled Riddick 4: Furya and will go into production very soon. Although unfortunately additional details are a bit lacking at the moment. However, Universal has been the main studio behind the franchise, so we hope they will be involved in some way, if only to keep one of their biggest assets in the game happy. Fast and furious. Furthermore it is speculated that Karl Urban will return as Vaako. A character who will likely seek revenge, because he is expected to be the great villain.

A great science fiction saga.

It all started with Pitch Black (2000), a small film that was oriented to space terror and where the character of Vin Diesel stood out, although at the beginning of the story he was the villain. Then they released The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), a much larger installment where an empire devastated all the planets it encountered. Finally they released the movie that they just called Riddick (2013) and that it copied the simplest formula from Pitch Black.

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Now as the title suggests, Riddick 4: Furya He will return to the main character's home planet, though plot details are still being kept under wraps at this time. But hopefully soon they will explain the true story to us, since supposedly the character played by Vin Diesel It is from the last Furyans.

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