A Nightmare on Elm Street has a connection to the JFK murder

The title of the film A Nightmare on Elm Street is not accidental and has to do with the death of JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy).

After making his first appearance in the 1984 classic Nightmare in Elm street, Freddy Krueger quickly established himself as one of the greatest horror icons alongside other great killers of fiction such as Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Pinhead. They all have in common that they lived great adventures in numerous films that were losing more and more quality. Some even traveled into space.

Having starred in seven sequels, a crossover, and a disappointing remake, the evil Freddy Krueger has been absent from our screens for a decade, making it the longest gap between movies of the year. Nightmare in Elm street. However, the rights returned to the producer of the deceased creator Wes craven Last year, and based on the success with which the Halloween franchise was reinvented, surely it won't be long until someone gives Freddy Krueger a similar treatment.

Connection with JFK.

The original movie of Nightmare in Elm street 1984 was a huge success at the time after grossing $ 57 million at the box office on a miniscule budget of just $ 1.8 million. But curiously, no one mentions why it has that address in the title. Many people thought that Elm Street was chosen for being such a generic and modest place that every small town in America has. But an old interview, the mythical Wes Craven reveals that he has a surprising connection to the murder of JFK (John F. Kennedy).

The filmmaker admitted that he chose the title because Elm Street was the place where JFK was shot, and Wes Craven explained that it had a great effect on him when he was young in 1963. He went on to say that for him, that moment his innocent world ended. So it's not surprising that one of the main recurring themes of A Nightmare on Elm Street is the loss of innocence.

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