A scene from the Joker facing the Suicide Squad was revealed

The director of Suicide Squad confirmed the existence of a deleted scene starring Jared Leto's Joker and the main team.

Although we all remember Suicide Squad, the movie is not a favorite of DC fans. The film was directed by David Ayer, a filmmaker who has become a victim of bullying on social networks, but has also withstood all kinds of criticism, even destructive ones. Today, the director appeared on Twitter to confirm the existence of a scene that not everyone believed possible: a confrontation between the Joker and the famous Suicide Squad.

Through Twitter, a follower of David Yesterday asked for a page from the script of Suicide Squad whose scene was never seen in the final product. This is a time when the Squad watches the Joker forcibly retain Amanda Waller, however they think this is a vision created by Enchantress. It is not long until the discovery that the villain and his actions are real. The Joker reveals to the antiheroes a very special demand, otherwise he will be in charge of activating a detonator that will blow Deadshot's head off. It definitely would have been a very exciting scene to watch on the big screen, but maybe Warner thought it was too much for the public ... a classic. Here is Yesterday's interaction with the follower.

"David Yesterday, did you record all this? #LiberenElCorteAyer ", asked the fanatic and the director quickly replied:" Yes, I did. Recorded and edited. Of course you weren't allowed to see it, my friend. "

Will we see the Yesterday Cut?

Although some followers still have faith in the launch of the so-called "Yesterday Cut", the special cut of David Yesterday for Suicide Squad, it is highly unlikely that something like this could happen.

Recall that the Snyder Cut required a lot of effort to become a reality, and the number of Justice League fans run by Zack Snyder is much more extensive than that of Harley Quinn and his gang. The only possible redemption to which the characters in the film can aspire Yesterday, It is James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, a title that is in post-production and that, according to IMDb, will hit theaters on August 6, 2021.

At the moment, only fans can settle for this deleted scene from the Joker and the details that the director usually reveals on his social networks. AND Zack Snyder's opinion regarding the work of Jared Leto.

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