A single photo shows how long Avatar 2 has taken

Since James Cameron started pre-production on Avatar 2, a long time has passed and a single photo of young actor Jack Champion proves it.

Two images of the actor Jack Champion have revealed how long it has been in production Avatar 2. Since at first he was just a child and now he is almost an adult. The continuation of James Cameron of its mega blockbuster of 2009 is scheduled to be released in December 2022, forming a series of up to 5 films in total. If everything goes as planned we will have Avatar until 2028.

Avatar 2 have had a pretty bumpy road in their production. James Cameron has stated that the scripts alone took about four years to write. Also, part of what made Avatar so difficult to film was the use of motion capture technology. But there will also be a lot of underwater scenes, which means they had to figure out how to make that motion capture technology waterproof. Between writing and technology development, filming didn't begin until eight years after the first movie was released.

Jack Champion, who will play Javier ‘Spider’ Relief In Avatar 2 and its sequels, he was just a kid when filming began in 2017. Three years later, he finally completed his last live-action shot for Avatar 2. To celebrate, the official Avatar Twitter account posted a photo of Champion. 12 years in contrast to current Champion, and it's a clear indication of how long the film has been in production.

A single photo shows how long Avatar 2 has taken

Filming continues.

Even though Champion has finished his last live action scene, that doesn't mean Avatar 2 is done filming. Production had to take a short break due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they resumed work in New Zealand in June. This means that despite the long period of time that has already passed, James Cameron has not yet started post-production. Until now, there is no information on how long the filming will take.

One of the challenges of long filming schedules is dealing with how quickly child actors grow up, and Avatar 2 has a large cast of children. Most movies take several months to shoot, not several years. Watching actors change so much while working on a movie is a bit surreal. Shooting four films that require such long production deadlines in a row is an ambitious undertaking, but if Cameron's filmography has proven anything, it is that he is up to the challenge.

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