Actor Karl Urban and director Duncan Jones face off on social media

We do not know if they are friends or not, but it is clear that in the confrontation between Karl Urban and Duncan Jones they have taken out the heavy artillery.

Karl Urban is known for some iconic roles, but currently plays Billy Butcher in The Boys, whose second season returns to Amazon Prime. In 2012, he starred Dredd, a movie that fans liked, as it is a great adaptation of the comics. The actor's role in the film caused a dispute on Twitter yesterday between Karl Urban and Duncan Jones, who is best known for directing Moon, Source Code and Warcraft.

After Duncan Jones took to Twitter to cast Josh Brolin as Dredd, Karl Urban had a pretty harsh response.

"Judge Dredd. Fight me, ”Duncan Jones wrote with a photo of Brolin. Urban responded with a screenshot of Warcraft's low Rotten Tomatoes score.

Duncan Jones, of course, led the failure in 2016. "By 'fight me,' I obviously meant arguing in a friendly and good-humored way ... @KarlUrban," Jones added. At one point, Jones responded with a screenshot of the low score of Rotten Tomatoes from Doom, which was another failure where Urban intervened. However, Jones has since deleted that answer. You can check out the original tweets below:

Much discussion between Jones and others has made its way into the comment section and honestly, it's hard to tell if this exchange is lighthearted or actually leads to a legitimate dispute. At one point, someone pointed out that Duncan said “fight me,” and the director responded, “I did. I just assumed it would be the Queensberry rules, not Pearl Harbor! "

The discussion continued with the fans.

Duncan Jones also defended his choice of Brolin in the comments saying, "The original Dredd was not a tall guy ... and Brolin is a perfectly respectable size." He also added: “Anyone who has read the original Dredd comics remembers that it was quite a cheeky comment on the growing authoritarian tendencies of Thatcherite Britain. Dredd wasn't originally written to be the hero. " After the attack on Warcraft, it doesn't seem like Urban said anything else in the thread.

Karl Urban recently broached the idea of ​​replaying Dredd in a long-awaited sequel.

"Well, it's very, very early to go into detail on that, but I've put it on the record before saying that I'd love to go back and be a part of that world and tell more Dredd stories," Urban explained. | Cinema, comics and series