Actors who denied rumors before starring in Marvel movies

We review the history of Marvel actors who denied the rumors before bringing to life the iconic superheroes of the house of ideas.

After a flurry of reports, actress Tatiana Maslany denied that she was going to play She-Hulk (Hulka) in the live-action series of Marvel for Disney +. The news took many by surprise who had already made up their minds to see the Emmy winner in the shoes of Jennifer walters. The actor Mark Ruffalo, the series director and the showrunner Jessica gao They even welcomed Maslany but a month later the actress silenced the rumors. The actress was concise and affirmed that she did not know anything about the project. "That's not really a real thing and it's like a press release that got out of hand."

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For now we do not know more news of Hulka and only the actress has spoken out about the rumors. As we know, Marvel studios keep your secrets well and we will not have anything clear until an official statement is issued. And although the actress is clear it would not be the first time that a Marvel actor denies the rumors before his appearance in the MCU projects is confirmed. Below we review the stories of some actors who publicly denied playing superheroes before Tatiana Maslany

Paul rudd

In 2013, Variety announced that Marvel Studios was about to sign their Ant-Man. The magazine commented that the actors Paul rudd Y Joseph Gordon-Levitt topped the list of studio possibilities. The two actors denied that the rumors were true, but Rudd was far more insistent. Rudd's last public statements were on December 11, 2013 when he told Absolute Radio “They are all rumors man. I don't know anything, sorry. " A week later the studio officially confirmed that Paul Rudd would play Scott Lang and the rest is history.

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Brie larson

Actors who denied rumors before starring in Marvel movies

In 2015 rumors that Marvel wanted to include Captain Marvel in his cinematic universe they were clearer. Many fans agreed and knew who they wanted to bring Carol Danvers to the big screen. For her part, Brie Larson said she had no idea about the rumors. In an interview with MTV UK Larson stated that he had no idea who Captain Marvel was: “Who is Captain Marvel? I have no idea what I'm talking about. Do people want it to be me? Good to Know. I guess I'll have to read the comics. " The truth is that Brie Larson turned down the role of Captain Marvel three times before it was announced at Comic-Con San Diego 2016.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Bendict cumberbatch

Another fan favorite option was Benedict Cumberbatch how Doctor Strange. And although now it is difficult for us to think of another actor to play the supreme sorcerer, in 2014 Benedict Cumberbatch was not quite sure that the rumors were true. In an interview with MTV in July 2014, the British actor stated that I didn't know if I was going to be able to play Doctor Strange. “I don't think I could even if they gave me the option because I'm doing Hamlet in London. Sounds like a fantastic project. It's a shame if I miss it. But who knows?". In December of the same year it was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch would be Doctor Strange.

Evangeline lilly

Evangeline lilly

Similarly to her partner Paul Rudd, the actress Evangeline lilly He also said that it was all rumors and that he would not appear in Ant-Man. In 2014 rumors sprang up that Lilly would be the female lead in the film and the actress clarified to SlashFilm that she could not confirm anything: “No, I can't. I don't know anything about those rumors. " Then he was asked if he would make any surprise appearances at a Comic-Con panel other than The Hobbit. “I am an actress, but I am not stupid. I can't answer that. " The interviewer was not misguided. It was later confirmed that Evangeline Lilly would play Hope Van Dyne and appeared on the Marvel Studios panel at that year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Jeremy renner

Jeremy renner

In 2010 it had already been announced that a film of The avengerss. Although little was known about the project, the names of some actors were already sounding to play one of the group's superheroes. Among them Jeremy renner. The actor confessed that the rumor that he was going to play Hawkeye in The Avengers was something that had gotten out of context. " It's one of those things that gets out of proportion. It was an idea. It is true that we have talked about them. But it's not true that I'm going to do it. " Now we know it was true and Jeremy Renner plays one of the original MCU Avengers | Cinema, comics and series