Adam Sandler to make a superhero movie for Netflix

Adam Sandler and Netflix have formed a very strong team and are now preparing an original superhero movie.

Netflix has been producing superhero movies or people with powers like The Old Guard, Code 8 and Project Power attracting large audience numbers. People have been claiming that the genre has been on the verge of saturation for more than a decade, but the popularity continues and they garner huge box office numbers. So the bubble does not appear to be close to bursting. So Adam Sandler with his peculiar style, he will be the next to try.

Now that Adam Sandler and Netflix are reportedly ready to extend their working relationship for five more movies, one of them will be a turn toward the comics. It is said to be a parody that is inspired by The Avengers and The Justice League. The 53-year-old actor will play the title role and lead his own team of superheroes.

It will be a different movie than what we are used to.

However, the hilarious twist is that all superheroes are failures and losers who have never done anything worthy with their abilities due to laziness and apathy, until one day they are forced to act to become the heroes they always should be. .

It is expected that regular actors of the films of Adam Sandler how Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade and Chris Rock intervene in some of the supporting roles. Although the quality is probably not entirely good, it will certainly rack up tens of millions of streams on Netflix. So it wouldn't be surprising if he even breaks some records of his own streaming platform.

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