Adam Sandler wants to reunite all his characters in one movie

Throughout his long career, Adam Sandler gifted us with unforgettable characters and others that are better to forget. Apparently the actor is really looking forward to bringing all of his characters together in one movie, MCU-style.

Adam Sandler is one of the most iconic people in Hollywood. His films may not be extraordinary, but they are highly remembered and some won the hearts of the audience. The truth is that it is impossible not to remember many of the characters he played in the movies. And, apparently, the same thing happens to the actor since he has a very ambitious project in mind. According to a new interview with Yahoo, the actor revealed that he wants to make an MCU-style "Sandlerverse", bringing together many of his characters in the same story.

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Over many years, Adam Sandler gave us comedy films that sometimes border on the absurd. He presented us with tapes that stole a lot of laughs from us and others that gave us a little embarrassment. However, the actor maintains a strong fan base that throws themselves into his movies when one appears in the Netflix catalog. It is clear that Adam Sandler's brand is trustworthy and many people look forward to his projects. If so, your idea of ​​a movie starring some of your characters may be well received.


When Yahoo asked Adam Sandler if he liked the idea of ​​developing a “Sandlerverse,” the actor replied, “I'd like that, I just have to mentally prepare. So it will probably happen in another 35 years. Let's get to that ”. The actor's statement may be a bit of a joke, but the truth is that anything can happen within the industry. We have already seen that crossovers have become a public favorite, and many times a key to success.

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