Alexander Skarsgard could sign for the film Black Adam

The Black Adam movie is in advanced talks with actor Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Tarzan) to play a superhero.

It was recently confirmed that Black Adam will be featuring members of the Justice League of America casting Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher. But Warner Bros also wants Alexander Skarsgard to be Hawkman.

Alexander Skarsgard certainly fits the bill to play the intimidating warrior, and it's easy to imagine him fighting fiercely against Black Adam played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. However, if negotiations fail to close, it appears that Warner Bros has another actor for the character. Since they have also spoken with Sam heughan (Outlander, Bloodshot) for the role.

The actor who agrees to take this superhero to the cinema should know that it is not a single film, since Shazam! two could also count on this character. So we don't know if Alexander Skarsgard is an actor for a franchise. But it is clear that if his character hits, he could even have his own movie.

Who is Hawkman (Hawkman) from DC Comics?

If Alexander Skarsgard accepts the role he will play a warrior named Carter Hall who has a long history that originated in ancient Egypt. Since Prince Khufu had a conflict with the priest Hath-Set, he captured him along with his wife Chay-Ara and killed them both. But before dying he swore that he would return and take revenge. Thus began a spiral of hatred and violence where Khufu and Chay-Ara return from death to fall in love and Hath-Set kills them again.

Among Hawkman's powers are flight and super strength. But also, as he can reincarnate, he is acquiring all the skills and experiences of his past lives.

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