Alien 5: Sigourney Weaver already knows what happens to Ripley

Sigourney Weaver says she read the Alien 5 story from producer Walter Hill, and the new installment in the saga would bring her back as Ellen Ripley.

Although we're still waiting for them to do Alien 5Ellen Ripley is still one of the greatest movie heroines of all time. She made her great debut in Alien, the eighth passenger (1979), becoming the sole survivor (along with a cat) of the Nostromo commercial spacecraft's close encounter with a very unfriendly alien, in the sci-fi horror classic of Ridley Scott. He would return to the role seven years later in Aliens: The Return (1986), where the director James Cameron reinvented her as a full-blown action hero.

Despite the bad reviews from Alien 3 (1992) by David Fincher and Alien: Resurrection (1997) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet in the years that followed, Ripley's popularity has never wavered. So fans have always hoped to see her again. It almost happened a few years ago, after Fox gave Neill Blomkamp the go-ahead for his version of Alien 5. It would have been a reboot that ignored the third and fourth films.

The Blomkamp sequel has since been canceled, but it turns out that's not the only idea for another Ellen Ripley adventure.

In a recent interview Sigourney Weaver revealed that Alien producer Walter Hill sent him a 50-page script for Alien 5 after the Blomkamp movie was dropped. However, it seems to doubt that the project can or should happen “I don't know. Ridley Scott has gone in a different direction. Maybe Ripley has done his part. He deserves a break. "

His comment about Scott taking a "different direction" is a reference to the director's Alien prequel trilogy, which started with Prometheus in 2012 and continued with Alien: Covenant five years later in 2017. It was because of these movies that the sequel to Blomkamp was put on hold in the first place before being completely canceled.

Ridley Scott has also not given up on making the third and final installment in the series (titled Alien: Awakening). Although it seems unlikely that it will happen after the low collection of Covenant. For now, Disney doesn't seem to have any plans to make Alien movies in the immediate future, prequel or otherwise. So Alien 5 will have to wait. | Movies, comics and series