Alien: Ridley Scott wants to continue the saga despite the failures

In new statements, Ridley Scott revealed that he would love to continue the Alien saga, despite the box office failures.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times to discuss the filming of Alien, the eighth passenger,Ridley Scott He confessed that he is still interested in continuing with the Alien saga despite the failure of the last installments: "I think there is still a long way to go in 'Alien', but I think it would have to evolve again. What I had in mind when I made it, the first was why a creature like this would be created and why I was traveling on something I always considered a warship, which also carried a shipment of these eggs. What was the purpose of the ship and the eggs? It is the key of the question. Who, why and for what purpose are the keys to the following idea. I believe".

In fact, years ago the director haunted the idea of ​​connecting the original film with the prequels to which he has been dedicated lately and already in an interview in 2017 he said that it would be possible thanks to the special effects: “With 'Covenant' we are heading towards the end of the first of 'Alien' so using CGI would be feasible. Ripley has to be someone's daughter, obviously. We are coming from behind. […] But I think there are two films in between without even having to consider her. ”

In the same interview, Ridley Scott remembered the call Stanley Kubrick made to him after watching the movie Sigourney Weaver like Lt. Ellen Ripley to admire the special effects, which in 1979 were not yet digital. In the scene that the creature has to come out of John Hurt's chest, the actor was under the table sticking his head out of a hole with a false torso on top, a trick that even Kubrick was not able to perceive: "He called me saying" How You've done it? I have put it in slow motion and I am not able to see the cut ». I explained it to him and he said "Okay, he got it, it works."

Reviewing his filmography

Instead of looking for new ideas, it seems that Ridley Scott He is determined to continue completing his filmography because he does not give up on the idea of ​​bringing Gladiator 2, the sequel to his film with Russell Crowe, to the big screen, which in the words of Connie Nielsen is only a matter of schedule. | Movies, comics and series