Alison Brie talks about the rumors about She-Hulk (Hulka)

It has been speculated for some time that Alison Brie could play She-Hulk (Hulka) in the films and series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The actress Alison Brie who has participated in series like Community, GLOW or has lent her voice to Diane Nguyen in BoJack Horseman, has been lately related to Marvel studios for the role of Jennifer Walters better known as She-Hulk (Hulka).

Alison Brie Now he has commented on all those rumors in a recent interview:

"You know, I've been trying to follow the topic online a little bit, and it seems not," he admitted. “But it's always fun for me when something takes off on the internet, and I get my updates from fans tagging me on Instagram. I say, ‘Oh, interesting. Oh, people are still talking about it. That's great. (Laughs) ”

What is true is that Disney + It is advancing in a series of She-Hulk (Hulka) for it they will need a leading actress that they described as "Alison Brie type", so who better than the interpreter herself to play the role. Although due to the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, everything for now seems to have slowed down a lot.

The actress continues her career outside of Marvel Studios.

We will still have to wait to know who will play Jennifer Walters in the She-Hulk (Hulka) series, but while the film and television studio decides, Alison Brie will release a few movies and television series that prove she is one of the great actresses of today, since it handles both drama and comedy. Although if it were to give life to a Marvel character, its popularity would grow in an exaggerated way.

It is also being speculated that Jennifer Walters will not only have her own series, but will also help Peter Parker as a lawyer in Spider-man 3 and will be a member of the future Avengers. So if Alison Brie gets the part she will be very busy for years to come. | Movies, comics and series