Alita: Battle Angel fans continue to fight for a sequel

Although the sequel to Alita: Battle Angel seems a long way off, fans of the story don't give up and started a new campaign to get this second movie.

The campaign started by fans of Alita: Battle Angel It gained strength again thanks to the billboards that can already be seen in Los Angeles. Through quotes from the protagonists Rosa Salazar and Christoph Waltz, the followers of this movie directed by Robert Rodriguez they try to put pressure on Disney to make a sequel. Will they succeed?

"I would incarnate Alita until my last breath," says the fence that quotes Salazar. "Of course I would want to do a sequel!" Can be read in Waltz's quote. This is not the first time that we have sought to light the flame of a new adventure starring the cyborg that Rosa Salazar gives life to. At the Oscars, a small plane flew over Hollywood asking for a continuation of the film Alita: Battle Angel, something that so far has not had the desired impact. By using the hashtag #Alitasequel, everyone who wants to can join the request, which also includes the producer of the film Jon Landau.

We help each other!

Jon Landau was one of the most enthusiastic when it came to asking fans of Alita: Battle Angel to continue trying to make themselves heard. "What I think our army of Alita fans would have to do is continue to insist on our Disney family and let them know how important it is for another film to be made, so hopefully we can do it one day," said the producer who also He wanted to add that James Cameron, screenwriter as well as producer, has ideas for at least two more adventures set in that world. | Movies, comics and series