#Alive, Korean zombie movie, is Netflix's new hit

#Alive, the new Korean zombie movie, ranks among the most watched on the Netflix platform.

Many thought that after World War Z and the questionable last installments of The Walking Dead, the age of the zombies had finally been buried. However, the latest productions from South Korea have revived the spirit for this theme. The new big favorite is #Alive, a film that recently premiered on Netflix and quickly managed to become the favorite in different parts of the world.

#Alive is a horror film directed by Cho Il-hyung and starring Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye. The story revolves around Joon-woo, who is alone in his family's apartment shortly after the zombie apocalypse triggered by an inexplicable airborne disease. For most of the film, events take place inside the young man's home, until he decided to escape with Kim Yoo-bin, a resident, and find a safer place.

Big hit on Netflix

On September 8, Netflix launched #Alive and according to The Himalayan Times, just two days later it reached the number one position in the streaming service worldwide. It is a very important achievement as it is the first Korean film to achieve such a feat on one of the most important streaming platforms. According to ScreenRant reports, the production ranks first in 35 countries and its popularity continues to grow.

Notably, movies are typically dubbed in 15-17 different languages, but #Alive was dubbed in 31 languages, with subtitles in several others to make it much more accessible to a wider range of viewers. On Netflix's US site, it includes language options in English, Thai, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese, which explains why this production achieved unprecedented success.

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