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Halloween Kills will be a great "masterpiece"

Halloween Kills será una gran "obra maestra"

Jamie Lee Curtis recently spoke about Halloween Kills and revealed that this movie will be a great “masterpiece”. Although the premiere of Halloween Kills was delayed until next year, many people are eager to see what will happen in this new movie. While we wait for the premiere of this new film, Jamie Lee Curtis was in charge of providing new details on the next film by Michael Myers. According to the actress, this film will be a great masterpiece that coincides with the agitated social movements of this 2020.…

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The Batman: Anne Hathaway gave Zoe Kravitz some great advice

The Batman: Anne Hathaway le dio grandes consejos a Zoe Kravitz

Recently Anne Hathaway gave great advice to Zoe Kravitz, who will be the new Catwoman in The Batman. Without a doubt, Catwoman is one of the characters that was most represented in the Batman film adaptations. In this new opportunity, the person in charge of giving life to the character will be Zoe Kravitz in The Batman. While we eagerly await the Matt Reeves movie, Anne Hathaway took the opportunity to give future Selina Kyle some advice. ; new advadsCfpAd (194883); Before Zoe Kravitz and The Batman, the new film…

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James Gunn was about to direct a Superman movie

James Gunn estuvo a punto de dirigir una película de Superman

As revealed, a long time ago James Gunn came very close to directing a movie focused on Superman. There is no doubt that James Gunn is one of the directors of the moment, within the universe starring superheroes. After his participation in Guardians of the Galaxy, he managed to establish himself as one of the favorite people of the fans and be part of important projects thanks to his success. With The Suicide Squad and the Peacemaker series on the way, the filmmaker revealed that he came close to directing…

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Jared Leto's Joker will have a different look in Justice League

El Joker de Jared Leto tendrá un look diferente en Liga de la Justicia

It was recently confirmed that Jared Leto's Joker will be in the Zack Snyder remake of Justice League that will premiere on HBO Max. When it was announced that they would release the version of League of Justice from Zack snyder, it was thought that they would just change the montage and put in some decent special effects. But it has been confirmed that they will make new scenes and return to filming Gal gadot as wonder woman, Ben affleck like Batman and Ray fisher like Cyborg. In addition, the…

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Gal Gadot shares tons of photos from Netflix movie Red Notice

Actress Gal Gadot has already finished filming Netflix's Red Notice and we can see her alongside Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. Netflix is preparing a big budget movie titled News Network which will star three very fashionable actors in Hollywood. Is about Gal gadot (Wonder Woman), Ryan reynolds (Deadpool) and Dwayne johnson (Black Adam). ; new advadsCfpAd (194883); Although the movie of Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed multiple times and may not even hit theaters on December 25, 2020 as scheduled, the actress Gal gadot she's been busy rolling…

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The big culprit that Suicide Squad (2016) was so bad

El gran culpable de que Escuadrón Suicida (2016) fuera tan mala

The filming of Suicide Squad was a disaster and director David Ayer says who is to blame for his film being completely mutilated. Suicide Squad I was in the middle of filming and everything indicated that they were doing a great job, but suddenly everything went wrong. The movie was to be an adventure of a group of some villains from DC Comics where would they stand out Harley quinn (Margot Robbie) and Deadshot (Will Smith). But when they decided to release a very epic trailer with the music of…

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Doctor Strange 2: The Crew Arrives in London to Begin Filming

Doctor Strange 2: El equipo llega a Londres para empezar el rodaje

Despite the restrictions decreed by the UK government, the Doctor Strange 2 team is already preparing the recordings in the capital. Mobility restrictions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) they affect us all. Each city and country has its own regulations. And this, apart from influencing the lives of citizens, also affects the plans of the Cinema studios. One of the last countries to decree a nationwide lockdown has been United Kingdom. But despite the restrictions, there are several productions that have planned to go ahead and start or continue filming. It…

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Andrew Garfield hesitates to return to Spider-Man 3 because of how SONY treated him

Andrew Garfield duda en regresar a Spider-Man 3 por cómo lo trató SONY

The Marvel Spider-Man 3 movie will be a real madness because Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire could reprise their roles as Peter Parker. Recently the big surprise jumped when it was revealed that Jamie foxx will return as Electro in the movie of Spider-man 3, but the shocking news did not end here, as it is reported that Andrew Garfield Y Tobey Maguire they will repeat their roles of Peter parker next to Tom holland and they will not be mere cameos, but will be very important to the plot.…

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Vin Diesel wants Groot to be very important in Thor: Love and Thunder

Vin Diesel quiere que Groot sea muy importante en Thor: Love And Thunder

Actor Vin Diesel lends his voice to Groot, the Guardians of the Galaxy character that we will see in the movie Thor: Love And Thunder (2022). Marvel studios used a very interesting technique for the movie of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), as it used well-known actors to play unpopular comic characters at the time. So he gathered Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper Y Vin Diesel. Although the latter, only said the famous phrase "I am Groot" over and over again. Now they will repeat the roles…

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Deadpool problems at Marvel Studios

Problemas con Deadpool en Marvel Studios

In Marvel Studios it is not very clear how to add Deadpool in its Cinematic Universe and this is causing the first problems. When Disney bought FOX, characters like the X Men Y The Fantastic Four they returned to Marvel studios. But instead of starting to use them, they are taking it easy and there are still no concrete plans for their return to the cinema. Although it is clear that they will restart all, except one. Is about Deadpool / Wade Wilson that will be interpreted by Ryan reynolds.…

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