All Will Smith box office records

Actor Will Smith has broken several records including the most movies that have surpassed $ 100 million consecutively.

Because theaters around the world are closed and release dates are delayed, the triumphant return of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys For Life It remains the highest grossing film of 2020, with a total gross of $ 419 million worldwide. The film marks a big comeback for Will Smith, who at the peak of his film career broke several box office records.

Will Smith's film career was so strong in the 90s and 2000s that there is a record in which he remains undefeated. It has the most consecutive hits of more than $ 100 million at the US box office. USA Will Smith holds the record at eight, made up of the movies Men in Black 2, Bad Boys II, I Robot, The Scarecrow, Hitch, In Search of Happiness, I Am Legend and Hancock. The movie Seven souls 2008 broke the winning streak. Marking the beginning of a recession for Smith that included movies like After earth and Focus.

Bad Boys For Life broke another record by becoming Sony Pictures' highest grossing R-rated film to date.

But the third installment by the Miami cops also meant the highest gross for a weekend of release of any movie released in January. The Will Smith movie I'm legend (2007) broke similar box office records in December after its release in 2007. But The hobbit: an unexpected journey It placed it in second place in 2012 and is currently in fifth place because Disney decided to release its Star Wars sequel trilogy in December. Due to inflation, it can be difficult for any movie to keep a box office record for too long.

One of Will Smith's most recent lead roles was in Aladdin, where he played a live-action version of The Lamp Genie. This is his highest grossing film to date, both nationally and internationally. Beating a record that had recently been set by Suicide Squad 2016. Despite bad reviews, the villain movie of DC Comics It set other box office records after its release, including the highest-grossing August debut, a record it continues to maintain.

It is part of the list of actors that give the best results at the box office.

So where does Will Smith rank among the biggest stars of all time? Technically he is at # 13, just ahead of Mark Ruffalo and just behind Eddie Murphy. However, that list has become somewhat skewed by the enormous success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the last decade. Since seven of the top 10 stars are from UCM movies, where the franchise itself is arguably the biggest draw.

Will Smith remains one of the most charismatic actors of all time. So let's hope that soon we can see it in more action and humor movies, a genre that dominates perfectly. | Movies, comics and series