Alternate ending of the first X-Men movie (2000)

The X-Men movie was a tremendous success and relaunched the superhero genre. Now we know the almost has a very different ending.

Attention SPOILERS. In the movie of the X Men released in 2000, the villain magnet (Ian McKellen) needs to Sassy Girl (Anna Paquin) for her to steal his powers and thus activate a machine to turn the world's leaders into mutants. But Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Cyclops (James Marsden), Storm (Halle Berry) and Jean gray (Famke Janssen) manage to avoid it. Now we will explain the alternate ending.

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The original X-Men montage had the same basic structure. Magneto uses Rogue's power to infect New York City with the mutant virus. But they soon realized that killing nameless and faceless New Yorkers with whom the audience has no connection did not quite work, as it failed to provoke the emotional danger that the moment demanded. In the new recordings, they changed the climax to revolve around Logan and the X-Men battling Magneto to save Picara, who was the most innocent part of the mutants.

This caused Wolverine to become the most outstanding hero of the team.

By changing the ending of the X-Men movie, they got the isolated and damaged Wolverine (the real protagonist of the film), find redemption and a modicum of inner peace. Throughout the production it was emphasized that these characters should feel real and easy to identify. A hardened loner who finally found a home and family after decades of rejection was exactly the ending the film needed. Although that caused characters like Storm or Cyclops will be in second place. Something that extended in the rest of the films of the franchise of Marvel.

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So we can assure that we saw the best ending of the movie. So fans can rest assured that they don't need to order the alternate version of X-Men. | Cinema, comics and series