An actor from Alita: Battle Angel suggested that the sequel is in development

Alita: Battle Angel fans have been asking for a sequel for a very long time. Now, a new image caught the eye and raised a wave of rumors.

Unfortunately for fans, there is still no news about a possible sequel to Alita: Battle Angel. A film that in 2019 fascinated many viewers, and that fans are eager to see how it continues. However, a new image of Jai Courtney, the actor who played Jashugan, has generated a new rumor that has given the audience hope.

This film, directed by Robert Rodriguez, is the film adaptation of the manga Battle Angel Alita, which was written by Yukito Kishiro . The story centers on Alita, a cyborg who is rescued from the dump by a scientist who decides to rebuild and care for her. But the young woman is not a conventional machine, but a powerful warrior of incredible abilities and sharp "instincts" that will attract the attention of evil intentions. The film had a moderate collection, it was not great but it was not terrible either, capturing the attention of fans and social networks.

The action sequences in Alita: Battle Angel are spectacular and brilliant. Although the history of Kishiro She is mythical in the fields of the manga, the pleasant surprise of this cyborg on the big screen left many viewers wanting a second part that surprised them with new demonstrations of Alita's power.

Will there be a sequel?

Jai Cortney He is famous in Hollywood for his appearances in movies like Suicide Squad, in which he played Captain Boomerang, he was also Kyle Reese in Terminator Genesis and John McClane's son in Duro de Matar: A Good Day to Die. Through his Instagram profile he has shared a selfie where we can see him on a recording set, on his face he has tracking points that work to recognize expressions in the CGI field. Although he doesn't reveal the project he's working on, this could be a sign of his return as Jashugan and a confirmation that the Alita: Battle Angel sequel could be a possibility.

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