Angry Fans !: HBO Max removed DCEU movies from its catalog

HBO Max did not have a good week. Subscribers to said streaming platform and also some fans of the DCEU, were enraged that several films from that universe were removed from the catalog without prior notice.

Numerous productions from the cinematographic universe of DC Comics (DCEU) came to HBO Max on May 27 in the United States, which caused joy among fans of superhero tapes. However, this happiness quickly came to an end when the streaming platform decided to say goodbye to some movies.

When things seemed to be going great, everything got complicated. HBO Max announced that most titles like Justice League, Batman v Supeman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman they will be removed from your catalog. This happened a few days after having enabled the service in the United States, a decision that completely caught the attention of fans of DC Comics. Here is the list of the films that will leave the platform from July 1:

- Batman

- Batman Returns

- Batman Eternally

- Batman and Robin

- Catwoman

- League of Justice

- Wonder Woman

- Batman v Superman

- Suicide Squad

Some movies stay

Although some DCEU tapes must say goodbye to HBO Max, the platform will also keep other films in its catalog such as Aquaman, Shazam, Supergirl, Joker and Green Lantern. At the moment, HBO Max did not provide explanations for the unexpected retirement of the films. However, it is likely related to the launch of DC Universe, the streaming service focused on exclusive content from the brand. Warner Bros is believed not to want to affect subscriptions to its new platform.

What HBO Max, which became the happiness of several fans, did achieve is that the Justice League Snyder Cut finally see the light. | Movies, comics and series