Anne Hathaway revealed why Christopher Nolan bans chairs on sets

Christopher Nolan, one of the most acclaimed directors, is getting closer to releasing Tenet. Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway explained why the director bans chairs on recording sets.

The rigor of Christopher Nolan prevails in each stage of production of any of his films. These measures have surely made several members of the cast and also the team suffer. To give you an idea, the sets of said director are strictly prohibited from including chairs or any type of seat, a restriction that he explained Anne Hathaway during a recent chat.

Recall that director and actress have previously collaborated on The Dark Knight rises and Interstellar. In a novel chapter of Actors on Actors, led by Variety magazine, they met Anne Hathaway and Hugh jackman to share experiences that have left their mark on their respective and extensive careers.

At one point in the conversation, both co-stars from The Miserables They talked about directors they worked with and who ban cell phones on film sets. The actor managed to name Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain) and a Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners), but Anne Hathaway he immediately mentioned the name of the director who directed his colleague in The Prestige.

The theme with the chairs

"I don't want to contradict you, but you've worked with three directors who don't allow cell phones: Christopher Nolan ”Anne Hathaway said to her partner and then added: “Chris doesn't allow chairs either. I worked with him twice. He does not allow chairs, and his reasoning is that if there are chairs, people will sit and if they are sitting they will not be working. He has these amazing films in terms of scope and ambition, technical prowess, and excitement. It always comes to the end on schedule and on budget. I think he has a good point with the chair thing. "

In order to maintain an active and concentrated workspace, it has also been reported that Christopher Nolan It prohibits plastic bottles during their filming, considering them a noisy distraction. This is how the actor came to reveal it Barry Keoghan, who was part of the Dunkirk cast.
The next film we will see from the filmmaker will be Tenet, which again delayed its release date due to new cases of coronavirus in the United States. | Movies, comics and series