Anthony Hopkins honors Chadwick Boseman by winning his Oscar

One of the big winners of the night of the Oscars 2021 was Anthony Hopkins and the veteran actor remembered the late Chadwick Boseman.

Anthony Hopkins has a long and successful career crowned by his participation in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe What Odin. The veteran actor (83 years old) has won the Oscar for Best Actor thanks to the film El padre, almost 30 years after doing it thanks to his shocking interpretation of Dr. Hannibal Lecter on The silence of the lambs (1991).

The funny thing is that he did not make a speech to accept the award, as he was at his home in Wales and may not even see the Ceremony in which he was awarded. Now he has shared his thoughts on his victory via Instagram.

"Here I am, in my homeland of Wales." Says legendary actor Anthony Hopkins. “At 83, I didn't expect to receive this award, I really didn't. I am very grateful to the Academy ”.

He also paid tribute to the late star of Black panther, Chadwick boseman, who was nominated in the same category for the film The Mother of the Blues: “I want to pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman, who was taken from us too soon. I really didn't expect this. That is why I feel very privileged and honored ”.

What is the movie you won for?

Anthony Hopkins on El padre He plays a man who refuses all help from his daughter as she gets older. When you try to make sense of your changing circumstances, you begin to doubt your loved ones, your own mind, and even the fabric of your reality.

At the moment Anthony Hopkins has several projects underway. On the one hand we will see it in Zero Contact where 9 countries have 60 minutes to successfully accomplish a mission for all humanity. Will also do Where are you which is about a photographer who experiences an artistic decline begins to unleash his aggressions with his artist girlfriend. When she cryptically disappears, he enters her subconscious, descending a spiral of mystery and madness in his search for her, as well as himself.

You can see all the movies of Marvel studios where have they participated so much Anthony Hopkins What Chadwick boseman on the Disney + streaming platform by following this link.

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