Anthony Mackie backed down and now says Marvel is not racist

A few weeks ago, Anthony Mackie had expressed that for him Marvel does not have as much diversity in its team. But, apparently, the actor decided to retract his sayings.

A few months ago, Anthony Mackie had claimed that there was a lot of diversity in Marvel. Of course, his comments generated different opinions, there were fans who agreed and others who thought otherwise. The truth is that the actor now decided to retract his sayings

According to Movieweb, the actor Anthony Mackie, who debuted in the Marvel saga in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Falcon, retracted a previous statement accusing the company of being racist for only hiring people of color for Black Panther and failing to do so generally. for the rest of the films. Now he says that those decisions are probably not conscious, but it is his duty, as a black protagonist of the franchise to speak about these issues.

"I will say the following: I do not believe that what is happening is a problem of racism. I think it is a problem of not being aware. With Marvel, and I think with most companies, they are doing what they think they should be. It is by no means sufficient. My problem is that you have to put the money where they have their mouths. They can't give the role of one of your most important superheroes to a black man and not expect to have this conversation. It is in my DNA to have it. It is a huge opportunity for me to be part of the Marvel universe and that is why it is my job to make the Marvel universe as good as it can be, ”said the actor.

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Anthony Mackie started out in the series as Falcon, a close friend of Chris Evans' Captain America. Attention turned to the character and the actor when in Avengers: Endgame it was revealed that he would be the one chosen to retake the character's mantle when Steve Roger leaves him the Captain's signature shield. This will be explored in depth in the Disney + series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and gains prominence among the social unrest in the United States over racism and violence against people of color.

The little we know about the plot of the show is that the government will try to elect its new Captain America, regardless of Mackie's character. This will lead him and the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) to a confrontation. | Movies, comics and series