Aquaman 2: James Wan will add elements of horror to the film

Aquaman 2, the character's next adventure in the DCEU, will include a few scares along the way. James Wan talked about his ideas for the sequel.

Since hitting the charts in late 2018, Aquaman quickly became a hit. The film was directed by James Wan, who knew how to give his own touch to adventure and gave us an exciting journey in the company of the famous underwater hero, a spectacular reinvention in the company of Jason Momoa. The sequel will take a while to arrive, but the director recently confirmed that the plot of Aquaman 2 will include horror, something that he has worked very well in previous productions.

With the tremendous collection of Aquaman it was obvious that Warner Bros was not going to stand idly by. The company confirmed Aquaman 2 long before the film's release, an action that spoke of the deep trust placed by executives in the project's makers. From what is known it is a fact that we will see the original cast return, but it is still unknown if Amber Heard will remain inside after the obvious scandals that have sounded in recent weeks.

A hint of terror

On the other hand, James wan confirmed his return for the sequel and on the eve of the DC FanDome answered a question from a fan from India, who questioned him about the possibility of horror scenes in Aquaman 2 after the stressful experience with The Trench in the first film:

“I would say yes. Like the first movie it had a touch of my horror sensitivity, you know, regarding the sequence in The Trench. I would say there will be a bit of that in the next one, ”said the director.

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