Are Alita: Combat Angel 2 secretly filming?

There are many people who are asking them to make Alita: Combat Angel 2, since the first installment was very interesting.

The actor Jai Courtney just set off all the alarms. Because he has posted an image on his social networks and fans think he is shooting Alita: Combat Angel 2, the sequel to the 2019 sci-fi blockbuster. The photo only shows the actor involved in some sort of skating-based motion capture suit, so there is speculation that it could be part of a motorball scene while playing Jashugan.

In the original movie, the actor brought to life the fictional motorball sport champion, who sees numerous cyborgs destroy each other in an ultra-violent game where skates are used. So I could be repeating the role in Alita: Combat Angel 2.

Are Alita: Combat Angel 2 secretly filming?

Along with the photo, he wrote: Trying out my new pair of skates.

What would the new movie be about?

Based on the manga of Yukito Kishiro, the first installment tells the story of a doctor (Christoph Waltz) who reassembles a cyborg (Rosa Salazar) discarded found in a junkyard. When said cyborg discovers that he used to be a powerful killing machine, he must accept his violent programming and choose his own path. In this utopian world there is a city in heaven called Zalem that controls those below. And one way to get there is to beat motorball. Something that the protagonist achieves at the end of the film. So Alita: Combat Angel 2 It should show the young cyborg's showdown against the evil Nova, who controls the city and has so far made life impossible for her.

For now there is no official confirmation that Alita: Combat Angel 2 It is going to be shot, but it is clear that the image published by Jai Courtney gives fans a lot of hope. | Movies, comics and series

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