Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the past of "Dutch" from the movie Predator (1987)

Predator Hunting Grounds is a multiplayer video game, but it expands Dutch's story of Predator and it's Arnold Schwarzenegger himself who does it.

In the original 1987 Predator movie, Arnold schwarzenegger plays Alan "Dutch" Schafer, a US special operations command whose team is sent to the South American jungles of Val Verde on a mission to rescue a leading Guatemalan politician. When Dutch's team arrives, they find the politician brutally murdered. The mission changes to save other captured American agents, but all of that is complicated when they were attacked by an unknown and invisible entity. In truth, the politician had been killed by a Predator, an alien life form that travels to other planets looking for challenging species. He kills all of Dutch's command, but he survives and defeats the alien threat.

Dutch tapes on Hunting Grounds they reveal exactly what he did after killing the Predator, and then cover his actions during the 40-year span between that time and the year the game is played, 2025. Best of all, they are narrated by himself. Arnold schwarzenegger.

This is his story.

In his tapes Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) reveals that after the Predator exploded upon defeat, Dutch was recovered by the US government. He suffers from radiation poisoning after the explosion and shares his story with a spy named Peter Keys. Although he only seemed to want his information for the technological benefits. Wary of the threat posed by predators, Dutch interrupts his radiation treatment and disconnects from the network before returning to Val Verde. Once in South America, Dutch collects local folk stories to learn more about the Predators. He expects the Predators to return to Earth.

Four years after the Predator events, Dutch shares information with Agent Keys in Val Verde. However, he is impatient with the progress that he and the government have made so far. Start working as a mercenary in any hot and violent environment (a Predator's ideal hunting ground). Finally, Dutch gathers his own team and meets another Predator. Dutch successfully kills this being, but once again remains the only survivor on his team. He retrieves evidence of the Predator's body and returns to the United States, but it is too late to interfere in the events of the Predator 2. Dutch is captured by the government organization OWLF, but exchanges his freedom for alien technology and his services as a consultant.

After that it becomes an alien killing machine.

Thanks to their combined efforts, Dutch and OWLF become efficient predatory killers. As a result, Dutch begins to encounter more vicious and skilled predators. The appearance of these more powerful opponents makes Dutch doubt himself. Is it simply bringing more danger to Earth by making humans a great threat? These problems escalate as a second intelligence agency enters combat. The agency known as Stargazer begins to act without taking into account the danger presented by the Predators. In a matter of years, they almost dismantled the entire OWLF and began preparing to distribute alien weapons to human buyers, further intensifying Earth conflicts and making the environment more attractive to predators.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the past of

By 2025, Dutch and OWLF successfully change the situation against Stargazer. However, that has not stopped the world from becoming a more apt environment for Predator interference. Their appearances have become more common and they have become more dangerous. Right now, Dutch is almost 80 years old, but physically he looks like someone in his 40s thanks to a variety of experimental medical treatments based on Predator technology. He has realized that his actions have intensified the violent relationship between predators and humans. As the events of Predator: Hunting Grounds unfold, Dutch has no choice but to continue battling Predators in hopes that humans will become strong enough to repel a full assault before the aliens stop hunting and start the war. | Movies, comics and series

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