Asa Butterfield comments on the hard experience of losing the role of Spider-Man

Young actor Asa Butterfield almost becomes Spider-Man, but in the end it was Tom Holland who landed the role of Peter Parker at UCM.

ESA Mariposa was one of the actors who auditioned for the role of Spider-man, when the famous comic book character was incorporated into Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Although the debut was in Captain America: Civil War 2016, it is now when he commented on how it was to lose the role before Tom holland.

"Every now and then there is a part that you really want and it's a script that you love, and somehow you put your heart and soul into it, and you don't understand it," reflected Asa Butterfield. “And it's tough and it's crap, but I often find that something better comes out in the end. And so, in the case of Spider-Man, I did Sex Education, because I couldn't have done both at the same time. ”

The actor commented that he wanted to play a different version of what we are used to.

Asa Butterfield seemed to hint that he delivered a very different version of Spider-Man when given the opportunity to audition for Captain America: Civil War.

“Tom Holland did amazing things with Peter Parker and I think it worked very well in the universe and in that part, and I don't think he can do it. Because I made a completely different representation of it. So I think it all works out in the end. "

It would have been interesting to see what Asa Butterfield wanted to represent, but now we've already gotten used to Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man, so it seems like Marvel chose very well.

The actor ESA Mariposa He has continued with his career, since apart from the series Sex education Netflix we can also see it on 50 States of Fright, Watch the Skies and The Liar. | Movies, comics and series