Attack the Block 2 could come true with John Boyega

Writer and director Joe Cornish says he has discussed the possibility of Attack the Block 2 with original movie star John Boyega.

The science fiction horror film was the debut of Joe Cornish, and became a cult hit, garnering applause from both critics and fans. It also helped fuel the career of John Boyega as his first movie role. So it would be a great idea for them to meet again to make Attack the Block 2.

Joe Cornish, who started out as a comic book and television writer in Britain. Since then he has written for Steven Spielberg (The Adventures of Tintin: The Unicorn's Secret) and was also responsible for the story and script for the version of Ant-Man Edgar Wright, who Marvel never got to do. His most recent film was his second writing directing effort, The Modern Tale of King Arthur which was titled The boy who could be king. The movie Attack the Block 2 will serve to reunite several actors who have jumped to stardom thanks to the first installment. For example Jodie Whittaker currently plays the 13th Doctor in Doctor Who, Franz Drameh who joined the Arrowverse as half of the superhero Firestorm and of course John Boyega who has played Finn in the new trilogy of the sequel to Star wars.

The actor is interested in returning.

Joe Cornish says he has been in contact with Boyega to make Attack the Block 2. The writer and director says he "has ideas" for a sequel, and that he contacted his star "a couple of months ago" to discuss the history. Cornish also reveals that he and Boyega have been discussing ideas for a sequel since the first film was released in 2011. But they failed to polish everything due to the fact that "they've both been busy doing different things." A subtle nod to the fact that they've both been involved in the biggest movie franchises on Earth.

Last year, John Boyega said he would be interested in starring in Attack the Block 2 and is starting to drift away from the Star Wars universe. So now would be a good time to revisit the movie that made him a star.

The movie Attack the Block 2 should bring the gang back to fighting those fearsome aliens again. They could also give more information about why they came and if there is something else behind. | Movies, comics and series