On the infinite (2019), by Roy Andersson – Criticism

On the infinite (2019), by Roy Andersson - Criticism

It allows us to observe how to laboratory mice, the behaviors and conditions of real and enhanced people precisely because of that peculiar way of shaping them in their own universe, pictorial and more real in their representation than life itself. R. Andersson and I. Bergman, do not contradict each other but they may touch at some point difficult to describe and locate, two so radically different ways of observing the human condition, nor are they created, nor are they destroyed, they remain because they are transformed and not it…

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The Children of the Sea (2019), by Ayumu Watanabe – Review

It is a film that demands a lot from the viewer, but that returns twice as much as invested. I had the opportunity to see for the first time The children of the sea in one of the surprise marathons of Sitges 2019. It was the first of a block completed with Away, a beautiful piece signed by Gints Zilbalodis, and Weathering with You, the expected new film by Makoto Shinkai, director of Your name. Leaving aside the risky decision to dedicate the entire session to animated films, it became…

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