Sean Connery: The best James Bond in history passes away

Today we receive the sad news of the death of Sir Sean Connery at the age of 90 Sir Sean Connery, who turned 90 last August, died overnight in his sleep while in the Bahamas. It is understood that he was unwell for some time. ; new advadsCfpAd (194883); Scottish actor Sean Connery, famous for his portrayal of James Bond, was the first to play the role on the big screen, appearing in seven installments of the franchise, which he played in seven films between 1962 and 1983. His first…

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Soon we will have a new Superman in the DC Comics movies

Pronto tendremos un nuevo Superman en las películas de DC Comics

Although Henry Cavill continues to play Superman, another actor could soon give life to another Man of Steel in the cinema. There is a lot of contradictory information around the participation of Henry cavill as Superman in the movies of DC Comics. Since recently it seemed that the negotiations were broken and that the actor was very comfortable doing The witcher and that he would also sign a long-term contract with Netflix. But things are changing. To begin we will see it again in League of Justice from HBO Max…

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Spider-Man to team up with another group of Marvel Studios superheroes

They have big plans for all the superheroes of Marvel Studios, whether for the movies or Disney +, but Spider-Man will be a nexus. A few years ago, Netflix premiered different series about The Defenders, a group of heroes living in New York. Now Marvel studios has been recovering the rights and wants to continue exploring the stories of these characters. The desire of the film studio is that they repeat the same actors, since they want to see them together Spider-man. ; new advadsCfpAd (194883); As reported by sources…

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Halloween 2020: 10 horror movies to spend a spooky night

The pandemic will have spoiled Halloween plans but with these movies you can continue to have a scary night. Halloween It is that night of the year in which children and not so children take the opportunity to dress up, meet friends and generally have a good time in company. But this year the only masks we will see on the streets will be the regulatory ones to protect us from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). ; new advadsCfpAd (194883); This year we will have to change the costumes and the meetings…

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Matthew McConaughey fought to be an Avenger but Marvel rejected him

Matthew McConaughey luchó por ser un Vengador pero Marvel lo rechazó

Life takes many turns and currently Marvel Studios would be very happy to sign Matthew McConaughey. But the actor reveals that they have already rejected him once. As a big fan of the 70s TV show in your childhood, Matthew McConaughey I really wanted to interpret the Incredible Hulk, but Marvel eventually rejected it. As the actor bounced between romantic comedies in the 2000s, the modern boom in superhero movies was beginning to take shape. The movie X Men Bryan Singer began in 2000, followed by the trilogy of Spider-man…

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Songbird: The trailer for the new Michael Bay movie is out

Songbird: Salió el trailer de la nueva película de Michael Bay

Songbird, the new movie brought to us by Michael Bay, focuses on a mutation of COVID-19. Here we show you the trailer! What if COVID-19 mutates into a much more dangerous version of the virus? This is what Songbird, the new film produced by Michael Bay, is wondering. In this story, we are faced with a SARS-Cov-2 mutation that causes a dystopia in which breaking quarantine and other health measures has never been more dangerous. Everything gets complicated for a young man when his girlfriend is trapped in a building…

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Friday the 13th: Blumhouse wants to restart the horror saga

Viernes 13: Blumhouse quiere volver a reiniciar la saga terror

The Blumhouse founder wants the company to take it upon himself to bring Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th back to the big screen. If we have to mention the most popular characters of the horror genre, we cannot forget Jason voorhes. The first installment of Friday the 13th It was released in 1980 and since then the killer has terrorized generations. After 10 movies and a confrontation with him Freddy Krueger from Elm Street, the saga had its first reboot. The 2009 version did not get good reviews and…

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Ryan Reynolds wants full control over Deadpool at Marvel Studios

Ryan Reynolds quiere el control total sobre Deadpool en Marvel Studios

They will soon be introducing Deadpool to the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, but actor Ryan Reynolds wants them to do all of their ideas. The Marvel Cinematic Universe it is a highly collaborative work environment. But Kevin Feige It has always been the main creative force and the actors, although they make the characters their own and contribute some ideas, are not particularly involved in the development of the great plot in which all the films revolve. In fact, Paul rudd is the only one to have been awarded a…

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They are already preparing Hotel Transilvania 5

Ya están planificando Hotel Transilvania 5

Although they have not released the fourth film yet, they are already planning new adventures for Dracula and the rest of the monsters in Hotel Transylvania 5. In 2012 it was released Hotel transylvania, an animated film that gave a twist to the concept of monsters. As Dracula he had a vacation hotel for all the most terrifying beings who harbor the worst nightmares. But they just want a place to be safe from humans. The arrival of a backpacker at the same time that Dracula's daughter comes of age,…

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Scarlett Johansson wants Black Widow to hit theaters

Scarlett Johansson quiere que Viuda Negra se estrene en cines

Actress Scarlett Johansson says she wants Black Widow to hit theaters but it will have to be safe. Like many other titles, the premiere of Black widow it has been delayed until next year. At this stage of the pandemic, it is easy to imagine how affected the Cinema studios. Few companies want to take risks and release their great titles this year. For this reason, in recent months we have witnessed constant delays. And although everything indicates that next year everything promised will be released, others are not so…

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