Avatar 2: First image of Kate Winslet on the film set

Avatar 2 is giving a lot to talk about. The film can now resume filming and James Cameron ensures that the release date remains the same. Now, images of Kate Winlest have come to light.

The official Twitter account of Avatar 2, recently released a new stock image from the filming of this highly anticipated sequel. In these new photographs we can see for the first time Kate Winlest in action, although the image also shows the veterans of Pandora, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington, plus another new signing: Cliff Curtis. The four cast members appear wearing scuba suits, points on the face for motion capture and the camera on the helmet that will allow them to digitize their expressions and features with special effects.

The layer of balls floating in the pool serve to prevent surface light from interfering with underwater shooting. The photograph is not current as the shooting had to stop last March due to the coronavirus. But luckily for Avatar 2 and of the own James Cameron, the filming is in New Zealand and the work can be resumed very, very soon there because the pandemic has not attacked with the same force as in Europe or Asia.

Since filming the aftermath: Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Kate Winslet and Cliff Curtis taking a break from underwater scenes for a quick snapshot. Fun fact: Much of the motion capture was done in this 900,000-galleon tank built specifically for the aftermath, ”wrote Avatar 2 on the Twitter page. Kate Winslet and Curtis portray Ronal and Tonowari, two Metkayina, one race. who lives under Pandora's water, where much of the plot is likely to take place.

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