Avatar 2: James Cameron Revealed The Movie Is Over!

There is news on Avatar 2! It was James Cameron himself who revealed that the sequel is already finished and that the third installment has already been 90 percent completed.

While the 2020 Austrian World Summit was taking place, managed by Schwarzenegger's Climate Initiative, the Terminator actor conducted a zoom interview with James Cameron, who is currently filming the Avatar sequels in New Zealand. In the middle of the chat, the director revealed that Avatar 2 is already completely finished while the third installment is already nearing completion.

In the interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger asked what we all wanted to know: how are the Avatar 2 recordings? Quickly, James Cameron revealed that, like other productions, his team also suffered delays due to the coronavirus. But having chosen New Zealand as their filming location, they were lucky enough to get back to filming in time and finally catch up on the aftermath of the story.

Movies are on the way

New Zealand is currently at level 2 but operation, filming and life is more or less normal. Therefore, Avatar 2 was lucky to come out ahead and be able to continue with the recordings of the tape. Following this, James Cameron revealed that the film is finally finished. For its part, the third installment, which is being filmed simultaneously, managed to complete a total of 90 percent. Therefore, there is still a bit of work left but they will definitely be able to finish it on time.

A while ago, we showed you how long Avatar had taken to make its sequels with a photo of Jack Champion. But luckily, although James Cameron took his years to write the continuation of the story, the second and third parts are closer than it seems. Yes, of course, we still have to wait a few years until they are released ... but we are on the right track.

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