Avatar 2 returns to filming in New Zealand

Filming on Avatar 2 has been confirmed to resume in New Zealand next week and the news comes along with a photo from the shoot.

New Zealand has virtually eliminated the threat from COVID-19, so productions there like Avatar 2 and the series of The Lord of the rings they can safely resume filming in the coming weeks. In the case of the sequel to the hit movie James Cameron, the team will return to work in the next few days, and the producer Jon Landau He has shared a very intriguing photo of how they are preparing the film.

As you can see, several craft are shown here, presumably both of them will be used by the humans in the movie. Since the action in the sequel is believed to be set primarily in an underwater setting. The truth is that they have spared no expense and promises to be the most spectacular we have seen in a long time.

Avatar 2 returns to filming in New Zealand

Production in Avatar 2 wasn't too long delayed, so it's likely to still hit theaters in December 2021 as planned. That is good news, since eleven years have passed since we saw the first installment, so it is already difficult to say if they will be able to achieve the same level of success as the original.

What will the film be about?

For now there are very few details about the plot of Avatar 2. As we have already mentioned, the action will take place underwater. For this they have prepared the best technology that will recreate the underwater depths of Pandora. Supposedly the conflict between humans and blue beings called Na’vi will continue. But for now everything is kept very secret. We know that James Cameron wants to offer a great story, that's why they have planned the film as the beginning of something much bigger that will be seen in the other installments.

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