Avatar 2 shows the water technology used by James Cameron

Avatar 2 shows the water technology used by James Cameron

Director James Cameron wants the underwater images of Avatar 2 to be as realistic as possible and for this he will use the best technology in the world.

The last photos of the set Avatar 2 highlight the underwater technology that James Cameron is using to film the long-awaited sequel. The director broke the box office when he released the original film in 2009, grossing $ 2.744 million and winning three Oscars for his efforts. While it received criticism for the script, it was also praised for its innovative use of 3D, immersive CGI, and motion capture effects. But now they want to go a little further, there will be scenes with water like we have never seen before.

With movie production currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was some question as to whether Avatar 2 could reach its release date in December 2021, given the project’s extensive scope. For the time being, however, the film sticks with that date and continues “virtual” production on its many, many visual effects elements remotely. Meanwhile, the franchise’s social media promoters continue to create excitement by releasing behind-the-scenes footage from the set.

Avatar 2 shows James Cameron's water technology Avatar 2 shows James Cameron's water technology

It is impressive to see how they set up these pools to be able to roll underwater.

It will be different from Aquaman.

James Cameron, while testing the production of Avatar 2, said he really wanted to see the Aquaman movie, which obviously spends a lot of time underwater. Especially to see how they had solved all the problems he had when shooting. Since he complained that the liquid element created glitters that did not allow him to film well. But it looks like the James Wan movie disappointed him a bit, because he said the movements were unrealistic and the chroma didn’t capture the essence of what it means to shoot underwater.