Avatar 2: Sigourney Weaver's Surprising Water Training

Avatar 2 is a long way from being released, but more details about the movie are being released every time. On this occasion, Sigourney Weaver revealed her insane aquatic training.

As it had already been announced, Avatar 2, the first of the sequels in history, will hit theaters in December 2022. This time it will take us to the oceans of Pandora, which meant a challenge for James Cameron, who seeks to revolutionize the seventh art again with underwater filming techniques. In order to get a perfect project, the actors also had to adapt and Sigourney Weaver revealed what their aquatic training is like.

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During an interview with the New York Times, Sigourney Weaver revealed great details about this training for Avatar 2. The actress, who returns to the belt as Dr. Grace Augustine (who by the way was not disclosed how she returns), explains that he dived in Hawaii and Florida, landing on the bottom of the ocean with stingrays around him. For example, he said that the cast of the film had to learn not to make very typical gestures, such as closing their eyes in the water.

And that was not all! He also said that they were undergoing training for a military team, who taught them to hold their breath underwater for as long as possible to make it easier for James Cameron to take very long shots. Following this, Sigourney Weaver managed to hold her breath underwater for six minutes. The actress also said that these scenes from Avatar 2 were shot in a giant water tank and the actors carried weights to stay submerged. Of course, professional divers helped them to get out to breathe.

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No obstacle stops her

Sigourney Weaver was very clear that she was going to do all the possible scenes of Avatar 2, no matter if it was a very complicated challenge and what training had to be carried out: “I had some concerns. But that's what training was for and I wanted to do it. I didn't want anyone to think 'she's old, she can't do it.'

The story will hit theaters on December 16, 2022. And in this way, Avatar 2 would be the first of the four sequels that James Cameron is preparing.

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