Back to the future exists thanks to Superman

It was Superman who gave Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) everything he needed to travel back in time in the Back to the Future trilogy.

Despite the fact that they live in two different universes, Superman once helped Doc Brown from the movies Back to the future to discover how to survive in time travel. At the end of the first installment of the saga, Doc reappeared on his Plutonium powered DeLorean time machine in 1985, to warn Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and his girlfriend Jennifer that they had to come to the distant future of 2015 to save their children. Doc reveals that he has made some updates to the time machine, which now runs on ordinary garbage thanks to a matter-energy converter called “Mr. Fusion ”and is capable of flying thanks to a“ floating conversion ”.

In Back to the future, Part II (1989), Doc also revealed to Marty that he had collected several other future gadgets and even visited a rejuvenation clinic that had degraded him for a few decades.

However, all this begs the question: How could Doc afford all this future equipment? After all, Doc had already spent his family's fortune building the time machine, which means he already had very little funds. The answer? Superman.

The story expands in the comics.

Thanks to screenwriter Bob Gale's IDW comic series Back to the Future, readers can find the answers to many questions in the series. Back to the future # 4For example, it allows readers to experience Doc's first visit to 2015 from the scientist's point of view. According to the comic, Doc accidentally came to 2015 during a nostalgic 'Eighties Car Show,' which helped him avoid questions about why his car couldn't fly. Also, Doc even won first prize at the car show as everyone was so excited to see a real DeLorean. The prize turned out to be a 10% off coupon for a floating conversion, but was still short on money.

When Doc explored the 2015 Hill Valley, he realized that the future had a lot to offer, but also that he couldn't afford any of the amazing gadgets and inventions. Hoping to raise some quick cash, Doc tried pawning some 1985 devices, but quickly discovered that inventions like VCRs and cell phones were worth almost nothing in the future. Finally, Doc visited the library where, after learning how to use some great inventions like "the Internet." He did some research and discovered "the biggest investment in the history of man."

With the DeLorean, Doc traveled to April 18, 1938 where he invested a single silver dollar to buy ten copies… of Action Comics # 1.

That's right, the biggest investment in man's history turned out to be a comic showing the first appearance of Superman, the great hero of DC Comics. While each publication cost Doc only 10 cents in 1938, in 2015 he was able to sell a single copy for $ 2.5 million.

Back to the future exists thanks to Superman

Realizing that he was now prepared for life and could simply sell a comic book whenever he had little cash, Doc went shopping and turned his car into a floating vehicle, bought a Mr. Fusion device, and He added years to his clinical life of rejuvenation.

It's a hilarious explanation for why Doc Brown never seems to be suffering from money after the original Back to the Future movie, and one that any comic book fan can appreciate. It's odd, though, that Doc was okay with making money from valuable Superman comics when he chided Marty for basically trying to do the same thing with a sports results book in Back to the Future, Part II. | Movies, comics and series