Bad Boys 4, 5 and 6 are in development

If you like the Bad Boys franchise we have good news, as they are planning to make three more movies of the action saga.

Although they took a long time to make the third installment of Bad boys, the result was a success as it grossed more than 425 million dollars and has been for quite some time the highest grossing film of 2020, for now only surpassed by the Chinese blockbuster Ba Bai (The Eight Hundred).

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In addition, the end of Bad Boys for life was very interesting adding a new character to the franchise, more specifically the son of Mike Lowrey. So it's a good idea for them to make more deliveries. Without forgetting that during filming the two protagonists Will Smith and Martin LawrenceThey showed the great chemistry that exists between them. So it is normal that they want to work together more times.

The fourth movie is already underway, but there will be more.

A fourth installment received the green light almost as soon as Bad Boys For Life debuted its opening weekend with more than $ 62 million, not to mention the rave reviews from the press and fans. But reports go further and now claim that the fifth and sixth films are also in development as Sony looks to capitalize on the franchise's renewed success. No more details are available at the moment, but as long as the two leading actors want, there will be more deliveries.

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Just hope things move a lot faster than with the first three Bad Boys films, because if it takes another 25 years to produce a second trilogy, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will hit 80 by the sixth installment. But what is clear is that they have the potential to join the club for Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious. In other words, action and fun movies where the show is guaranteed. | Cinema, comics and series