Bad news: Die Hard 6 is officially dead

The sixth installment in the Die Hard series is officially dead

The possibility of a sixth film in the Die Hard franchise has been circulating since the fifth, A Good Day to Die, was released in 2013, despite Bruce Willis previously stating that he wished to retire from the John McClane role he has played. since 1988. Possible titles for new installments have been playing over the years, including one titled Old Habits Die Hard, as well as a 24-hour-style television series that would have followed John as a policeman on duty in the decade. from 1970 narrated by Bruce Willis as McClane today, but none of this ever materialized.

However, plans for a prequel have always been on the minds of Hollywood executives, and di Bonaventura's version began to gain traction in 2018 on 20th Century Fox. The project reportedly would have currently involved Willis alongside an actor. different that would have given life to a young McClane. The project would also have brought back McClane's ex-wife, Holly, and actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead had also stated that she was willing to return as McClane's daughter, Lucy. Since Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, plans were reported to have stalled, but fans were hopeful that McClane, the title by which the project was known, was still being considered.

However, that no longer appears to be the case. During an interview with Polygon For the premiere of Snake Eyes: The Origin, di Bonaventura confirmed that his version of McClane is no longer in development as a result of the Disney-Fox merger. The producer did not rule out the potential for another film or series in the future, adding that he does not "know what his plans are," only that his film is no longer active.

However, Di Bonaventura spoke about what McClane would have involved. He confirmed that it would have been both a prequel and a sequel, noting that “it allowed you to meet young John McClane and use Bruce (…) you could have somehow seen both versions of him” and compared them to The Godfather Part 2".

Interestingly, he also added that originally the concept of the sixth film Die Hard did not start as such; “What was really interesting was that we came up with an idea to do it. It was a project that was not Die Hard that then, finally, went to Die Hard ”.

Using a pre-existing movie script would be nothing new for the Die Hard series. Die Hard 2 was adapted from Walter Wager's 58-minute novel, while Die Hard with a Vengeance began as an original script until it was modified into a film in the Lethal Weapon franchise before being sold to Fox and becoming the third film. Die Hard. As such, reworking another project at McClane would likely have made the film a perfect fit for the franchise, and the fact that it was partially a prequel would probably have been the perfect way to take Willis out of the series and introduce a new face for future ones. deliveries.

It's unclear if Disney has its own plans for the Die Hard franchise, but hopefully the series will return one day. With its recent tendency to dive into Fox's franchise portfolio, it wouldn't be surprising to see something in the future. In addition, a Disney + series would fit more than on the transmission platform, especially under the Star label. What do you think?

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