Bane could have his Joker-style movie (2019)

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie still continues to impress Warner managers and they want to repeat the formula with Batman villains like Bane.

After what Joker grossed over 1074 million worldwide and its lead actor Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar, it is normal that Warner Bros / DC Comics they want there to be more movies of that style. For now, they are not preparing the sequel, so other villains may have their chance. Like for example Bane, which will not appear in The Batman (2021).

According to the latest reports: Similar to the Joker movie, it could have offered a filmmaker a chance to explore the villain Bane's psyche as a character studio, albeit hopefully with a bit more fighting.

A potential release for the film would freely use Bane's Revenge story from the comics as the basis for the script, the report continues. The plot would have presented Bane to the DC Universe revealing that his tragic origin began even before he was born. Since Batman is key to his motivation throughout the arc, the Dark Knight could have existed somewhere in the movie, even if it was as an impending presence over Gotham City.

For now they want to keep the story and not make the movie.

Unfortunately, this Bane project didn't quite come true, as they could use it for a future Batman movie. It must be remembered that Matt Reeves wants to make a trilogy starring Robert Pattinson and who knows if this will be the villain in any of those installments as Christopher Nolan already did with the Dark Knight saga.

Although Bane could also exist without Batman, as it happened with Joker. Since we could see Bruce Wayne in the movie but he was only a child. | Movies, comics and series