Bane's masks sell out in stores due to coronavirus

In the midst of a pandemic, many people have spent their money buying the famous mask that Bane uses. Apparently, Batman fans want to wear them at all costs, despite not being recommended for this situation.

The star complement of this spring-summer is going to be the chinstrap, mouth cap or mask, whatever you want to call it. The coronavirus has forced us to wear it every time we go out or go shopping. The Spanish Government will make them compulsory from May 21 on over 6 years, both in closed spaces for public use and in streets where the safety distance cannot be guaranteed. Several stores have already gotten to work and are offering masks with different designs and motifs so that wearing it is not so boring. And apparently Bane It is one of the most favorite.

But there are those who have not yet understood that not all masks work against the coronavirus. According to the Hollywood Reporter, US costume stores are hanging the "sold out" sign on Bane's face masks. These plastic replicas of the villain of The Dark Knight Rises they are not valid for COVID-19, something that the United States Army has joked about, marking which masks are valid and which are not.

A representative of one of the main chains of costume stores has pointed out that the search and sale of masks on their website has increased, not only from Bane but also from Donald Trump. The complete costume of the character of Tom hardy still in stock, people just want the mask. But remember that plastic masks for costumes do not protect against the coronavirus. Don't forget that detail.

Batman back

While the masks of Bane sold out in America, DC world prepares for future premiere of The Batman. There is still a long way to go to the cinema, but the film has already become a phenomenon.

Recently, Colin Farrell revealed that his character, The Penguin, will not appear much on the big screen. At the moment not much is known about this new version of Matt Reeves, but it is expected to be a great success. | Movies, comics and series