Batman Forever: Could Joel Schumacher's Cut Be Released?

For a few days, it was confirmed that there is an extended edition of Batman Forever. Now, many fans are wondering if this Joel Schumacher work will ever come to light.

Very recently it was revealed that there is an extended version of Batman Forever of Joel Schumacher, a film that generated many opinions found among fans of the characters. Faced with the boom of relaunches of different superhero tapes, such as the Snyder Cut, many wonder if we will ever see this version of the famous classic.

To get started, the existence of the cut was declared by the writer Marc Bernadin, who said he knew from a very good source that there is a 170-minute cut of Batman Forever in the Warner Bros. vault. Which, supposedly, delved deeper into Bruce Wayne's child psychology and mental blocks, being a more serious and darker version of the film. With the death of Schumacher in June, his slightly different vision of the Batman universe and the relevance of this cut returned to the memory of many, which according to Variety, There has been a strong fan buzz since about 2005.

Could this version come to light?

Variety also reveals that studio reps say there are no discussions about the distribution of Schumacher's cut from Batman Forever, other than that they don't know if the images for an extended version have even survived 25 years later. However, some of the scenes speculated to be part of this cut are part of the deleted scenes section of the movie's DVD and Blu-ray.

Therefore, it could be that at some point the studio will find and restore all this material to release an extended version as a kind of tribute from the director. | Movies, comics and series