Batman forever: More details are known about the extended version

Since it became known that there is an extended version of Bataman forever, various details began to circulate. Joel Schumacher's cut included some pretty interesting aspects.

After the death of Joel Schumacher last June, you have heard a lot about an extended version of Batman Forever. Apparently, it is a much darker version than the one seen in the final cut. Now, with the confirmation of this version, various details have been revealed that were not seen in the original film, but that would make this director's cut something different.

The director's cut Batman forever, includes more scenes from Riddle interpreted by Jim Carrey and a human-sized bat, all within a darker universe. According to a Variety report, this is how this alternative and extended version of Batman Forever: "This version opens with a sequence involving the Two-Face villain escaping from Arkham Asylum and features extended scenes of the Riddle when he invades the Batcave and uses his signature staff as a weapon. Most of the runtime for this version focuses on the emotional and psychological problems that led Bruce Wayne to decide to become Batmanincluding a Wayne sequence in front of a giant human-sized bat. "

More details about the cut

While these details may be a novelty due to the lack of an alternative cut, they may not be a novelty for fans of the film. Since Variety also previously reported that the rumor of an extended version of Batman forever It has been around fans since about 2005, plus some of these new ones might be part of the deleted scenes section of the movie's DVD and Blu-ray.

The original cut of the tape released in 1995 lasts 129 minutes compared to the extended one that is speculated to last around 170. However, it is unknown if this extended version of Batman Forever will ever see the light of day, because don't know if the images for an extended version will still be in good condition or even stored 25 years later, plus they would have to go through an extensive restoration process. | Movies, comics and series

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