Benedict Cumberbatch could star in his own Star Trek movie

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch played Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) and could now repeat in a spin-off of the science fiction saga.

J.J. Abrams rebooted Star trek in 2009 and in the second installment released in 2013 he returned to bring the mythical villain Khan that gave life Ricardo Montalban in 1982. This time it was Benedict Cumberbatch who played it, who at that time had made the leap to fame thanks to the series Sherlock and who had signed with Marvel studios to give life to Doctor Strange.

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Now, Paramount Pictures may be interested in cashing in on the actor. Benedict Cumberbatch, whose popularity has risen to stratospheric levels in recent years. As it is not very clear whether to do Star trek 4 or if you restart the franchise, it might be a good idea to premiere independent stories in this spectacular cinematic universe. And certainly see Khan's past or a story after the events of Star Trek: Into Darkness it would be something very interesting.

So is Khan.

Benedict Cumberbatch played the great villain of Star Trek: Into Darkness. Khan was a genetically modified superman who was cryogenized for 300 years. The original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) reveals that in the past Khan was a tyrant and that he could not be trusted in his timeline. Khan came out of his dream because Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller) wanted to create very powerful weapons to start a war against the Klingon Empire. But Khan reveals himself and attempts to rescue the 72 members of his crew who are still crying out. After tough battles, the crew of the Enterprise are finally able to defeat him and at the end of the film he ends up again in a deep sleep.

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so yes Benedict Cumberbatch re-plays Khan, should he start the story from there or show his past. But it's sure to be a great movie for fans of the Star Trek saga. | Cinema, comics and series