Big 5 SPOILERS from Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984, the new DC Comics superhero movie, will be released in October and we know some very interesting details.

They have published a youth novel about the film Wonder Woman 1984 that reveals important secrets. This story seems to end just before what will probably be the third act of the movie, so these are spoilers for the first and second act.

Attention the SPOILERS start from here:

There are references to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

The movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ended with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) saying that she walked away from humanity 100 years ago. The writers of League of Justice they seemed to agree, and she mentioned that “she always came when called” and Wonder Woman 1984 seems to pick up on that. According to the youth novel, Diana has been doing a lot of good in the world. However, she is gone in a metaphorical sense. The trauma of watching Steve die and then seeing his friends eventually succumb to old age has estranged her from humanity, even as she continually saves them. Diana has no friends or real connection to the world.

How does Steve Trevor return?

Which brings him back to Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984 is called Dreamstone. Doctor Destiny used Dreamstone in the 1960s, and the stone was used in the Sandman series. In the film, it's a harmless-looking citrine ring that is taken to the Smithsonian, where Diana and Barbara work, as part of a seized collection of artifacts smuggled into the United States. This version of Dreamstone appears to have the ability to grant a wish, and Diana says that it is an object endowed with the power of the gods like her lasso. They wonder to which god it is connected, until they realize that wherever the Dream Stone goes, destruction follows it. The creator of this item was the God of Lies. Diana's wish was to bring Steve back, thus connecting her destiny directly to the Dream Stone.

Barbara Minerva from Wonder Woman 1984 quickly goes from friend to enemy.

One of Wonder Woman's most infamous villains, Barbara Minerva, aka Cheetah, has been around for decades, and this version has very little to do with her comic book counterpart. Barbara is another scientist who works at the Smithsonian and Diana befriends him very quickly. Barbara practically falls in love instantly with Diana. But she later turns against her friend in favor of Maxwell Lord, a man she has recently met and been kind to. Barbara wants to be like Diana and that desire makes her Cheetah.

Maxwell Lord's plan is very complicated.

Maxwell Lord, is the typical villain representing evil entrepreneurs who became very popular in the 80s. This version of Maxwell seems to lean more towards the greedy Machiavellian supervillain. In Wonder Woman 1984 They present it to us for the first time through a commercial that Diana sees on a television, and her internal monologue declares that she can say that she is a swindler. Your business is an oil company that people can have a stake in. Later we discovered that everything is a lie, the oil wells are empty and everything is a sham. Maxwell is trying to find the Dreamstone to make his business work and eventually uses Barbara Minerva's low self-esteem to trick her into giving it to him.

From there, things get complicated as Maxwell has to find new people to make new wishes because he can only make one. So little by little he deceives many people and the more power he accumulates, the more his greed is. So he starts out wanting to save his company and ends up trying to conquer the world.

We will see Themyscira again.

There are scenes in Wonder Woman 1984 Antiope, and we see a young Diana try and do everything possible to win some games, but ends up losing. Her mother tells her that she must remember that the Golden Armor did not become a legend by acts of haste. He came there for acts of bravery, and the bravest thing in the world is to face the truth. That seems to be the theme of the film, facing the truth of things. So Diana has to agree to permanently lose Steve Trevor to destroy the Dreamstone.

Wonder Woman 1984 will premiere on October 2, 2020. If allowed by the Coronavirus. | Movies, comics and series

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