Black Widow could change the movie industry for the worse

Will Black Widow hit theaters? That's a question whose answer doesn't seem so clear, since Disney wants me to go straight to streaming.

Recently Disney announced that it is restructuring the company, so that Disney + gain tons more weight and be a much more powerful platform that can stand up to Netflix. For this you need more content and add movies like Black widow believe that it is fundamental, since it will surely drag many fans of Marvel.

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Remember that Disney has been badly hit by the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, as a lot of money has stopped coming in from theme parks, cruises and movies. So that Disney + It is the only thing that is giving them joy. That's why you could already see Mulan and it will come Soul from Pixar, so it's still unclear what will happen to Black widow. Since it is creating a real infighting, something that will cause a paradigm shift within the film industry.

Executives are pushing hard for Marvel movies to stream.

In a recent interview the Walt Disney Company investor, Dan loeb, made it very clear that they are trying to avoid theatrical debuts and focus on Disney +.

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"My understanding is that old-school executives don't want to go overboard with their big movies, so they announced that they were pushing Black Widow and other movies through 2021." Explain.

“I don't think they appreciate the tiger on their tail. That is, the value they can generate by moving to a subscription model, which has been adopted by everyone, from Microsoft to Amazon ”. Loeb continued. “It is so valuable. What Netflix has is this huge subscriber base that allows it to invest in a huge amount of content and pay for it to get more subscribers. Disney isn't there yet, but they need to get there as quickly as possible. "

Yes investors like this continue to pressure DisneyThey probably have to listen, and it really feels like they're trying to hold onto something that sadly is already becoming a part of the past. Cinema movies will increasingly go to streaming and if they yield with Black widow, it can cause a contagion effect whose result for now is unpredictable, but could change the entire industry for the worse. | Cinema, comics and series