Blade: Locke & Key Director Wants To Direct Mahershala Ali Reboot

Recently it was reported that Marvel would be looking for writers for the Blade reboot, now director Mark Tonderai is offering to direct the film.

In the Comic-Con San Diego 2019, Marvel Studio presented its fourth phase. Among the MCU novelties, without a doubt one of the news that most surprised fans was the announcement of the Blade reboot. The first adaptations of Blade were carried out by Wesley snipes and they were quite successful. Marvel has decided to bring the vampire slayer back to the big screen. Blade reboot will star Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and everything indicates that Marvel would already be looking for scriptwriters to write the project. Now the director of Netflix series Locke & Key offers to direct the film.

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In an interview with the Comic Book Movie medium, Mark Tonderai commented on his desire to direct the film of Blade with Mahershala Ali. “I would love to do Blade. For me, it's just the kind of things I like to do. I also think Stephen Norrington did a brilliant job with the first adaptation. And I would venture to argue that it was the first superhero movie, apart from Tim Burton's Batman, that revolutionized the genre and brought it to where we are now. For what Blade, I would love to do it. "

Tonderai has worked mainly directing and producing T.V. series, but he is no stranger to the comic book adaptation. And it is that the director has participated in the series of Dc gotham and in the comic book adaptation of Locke & Key for Netflix. Tonderai aims high and states that he would also be interested in directing a film of James bond. “I would also like to do Bond. The reason behind wanting to do something this big is because something that I grew up with since I was little. It has always been part of my family life. You want to make a Marvel movie because it's a different discipline. When you do a project like that, it's not really a Mark Tonderai movie. It's a Marvel movie. So how do you capture your DNA in a movie like this?

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The truth is that the reboot of Blade is still in the early stages of production and I do not know anything about the project. Marvel studios Nor has it revealed any news since the announcement at Comic-Con San Diego 2019. The Hollywood Reporter recently assured that the studio would be looking for screenwriters for the new adaptation. According to this medium, Marvel would be interested in having a team of black directors and screenwriters.

It will be interesting to see how Marvel includes Blade in his Cinematic Universe and Ali previewed that his Blade will explore the darkest corners of this universe. Although I do not know it has a release date, after the announcement of the reboot many theorized that it could be released by the end of 2022. But Marvel Studios had to delay your entire release schedule for causes related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). So we will still have to wait to see Blade again on the big screen. | Cinema, comics and series